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A Four Year Old Child Called 911. The Result is PRICELESS!





I heard stories about strange calls received by 911 operators. According to them, they receive various calls from all walks of life. Emergencies are their primary concern but nonetheless, they accept calls of almost anything. Name it, they have it. People call them when their pet cannot get down from a tree; or when their friend just happened to fall down from a bike; or even when their neighbor made some loud noises while having a party. They also receive lots of prank calls, the good thing about it is that these operators handle such calls appropriately and professionally. And I salute them for that!

There’s this one particular call that a 911 operator received from a four year old child. Luckily, the conversation was recorded clearly. The child just adhered to the mother’s advice of asking for help if in need.  Unfortunately, it was this moment that the child needed some help with something. This is really cute and funny.

Watch the Cute Encounter:

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Always remember, if you need help, call 911!  They are always more than willing to extend their help to almost anything! Please share so that others can watch!

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