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Chu Chih-Kang, Taiwan’s Unique Dark Library Where Every Book Has Its Own Light





This unique library is straight out from a booklover’s fantasy! Unlike other libraries where their only rule is to keep silence, this place took it up a notch and made it even more serene by featuring very low lighting.

The Taiwanese library designed by Chu Chih-Kang studio has nearly 300 bookshelves. The pieces are highlighted separately making the front covers pop from afar.

Chu Chih-Kang displays the books in a way that visitors can see their personalities.

The lighting were carefully-designed to make it look like the books are floating.

The library has such a unique concept but its purpose remains the same as any other libraries, which is to provide a nice and comfortable place for booklovers.

Since the individual lighting focuses on the book, readers won’t even notice the presence of other people as their contentration is quickly directed at the books. Visitors can enjoy getting lost in their imagination without being bothered by other people.

So many books, so little time.

Booklovers can enjoy their reading session without disruption.

While it’s quite easy to get distracted by a lot of the people inside the library, this place will only make you focus on the book in front of you.

The area is 185 square meter.

It’s big enough to fit all the books, small enough to let you explore your imaginations.

It is designed by Chu Chih-Kang space design.

Chu Chih-Kang and Lin Tan-Hua are the talented designers of the dark library.

The dark library is located at Dayi Warehouse Cluster Pier-2 Art Center Kaohsiung City (C7-6 Warehouse 2-1 Dayi Street Yancheng District Kaohsiung City).

The unique library is owned by Wuguan Books.

It is safe to say that this dark library has got to be one of the most beautiful libraries out there.

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