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Dude Receives an Epic Beatdown From His Fiancé’s Dad After He’s Caught Cheating

Furious dad wasn’t buying this cheating scumbag’s lies.


We don’t know why this cheating scumbag was compelled to start throwing out lame excuses, but whatever the reason, his fiancé’s father was NOT buying it.

In this short video, a furious dad and his friend can be seen storming into a house and savagely beating his daughter’s fiancé after finding out he’s cheating and then tried to lie about it right on his face.

The pissed off dad rushed into the porch of the house and right after the cheater attempted to throw some lame excuses, he quickly gave the guy a couple of solid punches right on his bewildered face before giving him an epic smackdown.

For sure, he will never forget this for the rest of his life.

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Perfect Day Care Worker Turns Out to be a Real Monster in Shocking Hidden Cam Footage

This should serve as a reminder to be extremely cautious when choosing who should watch your children.

Few things are more anxiety-inducing than leaving your kids with a complete stranger. Sadly, some parents have no other choice because they have obligations they must attend to, and they can't bring their kids along.

Christina Williamson was a daycare provider from Pleasant Hill Daycare. She's taken care of a lot of children before, and she would sometimes be hired to babysit. However, her husband noticed that she had been acting strange around the children she was supposed to be babysitting.

Williamson's husband placed a hidden camera in their home out of concern for the children. What he found was absolutely shocking.

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11 Weirdest School Punishments that Went Too Far

Thought being in detention was bad? Check out these punishments that could be considered borderline cruel.

Schools can get pretty creative when it comes to punishments. While some schools advocate time outs, detention, and a stern lecture, other schools use more cruel means of disciplining their pupils. Here are some of the punishments that may have gone too far.

1. Kneeling on frozen peas.

Source: OnClickInfo

Asian children and students may be familiar with this form of punishment, as it's actually quite common for teachers and parents to dish out this punishment. Recently a Chinese student posted a photo of her knees after undergoing this punishment - and she was promptly expelled for it!

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20 Funny Photos Show That Siblings Can Be Colossal Jerks

Would you do the same to your siblings?

For the most part, our siblings are gifts. They are there for us during tough times, offering their unwavering support and a shoulder to cry on; they are also present during happy times, cheering us on and giving us a tap on our backs for a job well done.

However, there are also days when siblings show their playful side and decide to mess around with us a bit. A dose of annoying antics and bullying won't harm, right? And when these impish brothers and sisters unleash their mischievous jokes, we are left with two choices: get touchy or laugh along.

We choose to laugh along. We hope you will, too, with the following compilation of hilarious photos that show just how much of a funny jerk a sibling can turn out to be.

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