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Disturbing CCTV Footage Shows Chinese Mom Throwing Her Newborn Baby In Garbage Box

A 15-year-old mother from China just did this…


A chilling CCTV footage is currently making the rounds on social media showing a 15-year-old mother from China throwing her newborn daughter inside a garbage box. How could a human being – let alone a mother – be so heartless, right?

As anyone can expect, the video later went viral, earning many negative reactions from netizens everywhere.

The said clip was taken at a residential building in Shenzen, China.

The young mother can be seen getting into an elevator carrying a container box along with several other bags.

The poor baby girl was eventually found by a cleaner in the trash, covered with blood but still breathing. Authorities later confirmed the 15-year-old girl to be the infant’s mother, although her identity was left unrevealed. Her parents were alerted and they promised to take care of the baby.

In an interview with the Southern Metropolis Daily, the cleaner, who goes by the last name He, said that she was picking through the garbage when she noticed something unusual.

She shared:

“I thought it was a doll when I saw the baby’s leg. But then, I looked again and [saw] it was a live baby and there was blood on the baby’s face and body.”

Meanwhile, Mr Liu, one of the residents in the neighborhood, also happened to pass by the garbage bin. He said:

“The baby girl was placed inside a gift box, with blood all over her body. But there seemed to be a cut mark under her right eye, so we sent her to the hospital.”

The baby was immediately rushed to the Bao’an People’s Hospital.

Mr Chen, who works at the apartment block where the CCTV footage was taken, said that the girl has lived in the building for more than a year. According to him, she lives alone and works at a beauty salon.

After watching the video, Mr Chen commented:

“She looks so calm as if she had never given birth. You can see from the footage that she is playing with her hair and looks into the mirror.”

You can watch the video here:

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Since the girl is a minor, she cannot be arrested or prosecuted based on existing laws.


Scary Footage Shows Lightning Bolt Striking A Moving Car In Morocco

Holy crap! This is terrifying!

If you think it is impossible to get hit by a lightning bolt while driving on the street, you are absolutely wrong. This viral video below shows us otherwise.

The shocking footage below, taken in Morocco, captures that precise moment when a lightning hit a moving vehicle and sends it flying at double speed along the road. Fortunately, the driver managed to keep the car under control. The driver successfully stopped the car and then the terrified passengers quickly escaped the smoking vehicle.

The video immediately went viral as it made rounds on social media.

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Woman Goes On A Meltdown After Seeing A Couple Kiss In A Restaurant

Someone’s obviously sexually repressed.

Look, public displays of affection are not for everyone. Not all are open to doing it and not all are keen to seeing it. For some people, making out is not fit for public viewing. Not all are comfortable with seeing lovers exchange spit or grope each other for all the world to see.

But what about kissing someone on the forehead? I'm totally all right with it. It's a sweet gesture that no one should take offense at when they see it even in a public place. Right?

Well, this woman from California didn't think so. Not only did she disapprove, she actually lost her marbles and ranted all over the place. The girl had a total meltdown. She called the couple out for supposedly being obscene in a public place, which is kind of nuts because it was just a forehead kiss. So she wanted the pair out of the restaurant and of course they protested because they felt like they were doing nothing wrong and it was obvious that the woman was just overreacting.

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Woman Films Maid Hanging Then Falling Off A 7th Floor Window Instead of Helping Her

The video is not for the faint of heart.

The age of social media has somehow altered humanity, in which some people find it more important to upload photos or videos that will surely garner likes and shares. That is just the case of a maid in Kuwait who’s hanging on to dear life from a seventh floor window.
Instead of helping her, a woman who saw her filmed her situation.

The video of the maid’s fall from the seventh floor was posted on Twitter on Thursday. Surely, the clip is not for the faint of heart because it shows the maid dangling from the window while another woman is filming her. Based on the comments made by viewers, the maid was pleading for help. However, the woman just stood there and did nothing but filmed everything – even as the maid fell and hit an awning. The video was the posted by Twitter user @Almajlliss with the caption, “When humanity is absent because of the mobile video.”

The woman behind the camera is said to be talking to the maid before she plunged to the bottom. According to a translation from one of the viewers, the woman reportedly said, “You crazy! Come here!”

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