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Male Cat Needed Glucose Drip After Mating With Five Females in Just One Night




  • The cat’s owner informed the pet hotel that Xiaopi was not neutered.
  • The staff let all the cats roam around at night.
  • Xiaopi mated with at least five female cats in a span of five to six hours.

Too much of a good thing is bad and this applies to almost everything, even mating. The amusing thing is, this applies not just to humans, but also to animals. A cat in South China discovered this and paid the (happy) price for his mating spree.

Xiaopi, a Russian Blue cat, was checked in at a pet hotel by his owners, identified as Mr. and Mrs. Zhao. The pet hotel was located in the province of Guangdong. Mr. Zhao informed the establishment that the cat has not been neutered yet.

The following day, the owners discovered that the staff at the pet hotel left Xiaopi roaming around the shop at night as they close up.

According to Mr. Zhao’s social media post, he thought that the staff would be professional, but they apparently did not feed the cat all day and let him roam around freely at night. It was not just Xiaopi, said Mr. Zhao. All cats were free to walk around the shop.

In those free moments, his cat managed to mate with at least five female cats within five to six hours!

What’s even worse is that Mr. Zhao got blamed for the incident. They complained that the owners of the other cats were not planning to have kittens.

“Between around 10:40 pm and 5 am, my cat mated with five female cats. And those are only the ones I could see in the CCTV footage,” he explained.

“They had the nerve to be upset with me. They wanted me to explain the situation to all the other owners.”

“My f***ing cat is exhausted and on a glucose drip, and this is my fault?”

It was revealed later on that the pet hotel eventually apologized to them and offered to shoulder his cat’s fluid therapy. And that wasn’t all – they had to pay each pregnant cat owner ¥500 ($71) and promised to sell the kittens for them.

Mr. Zhou also said that the other cat owners will give him a kitten or ¥1000 ($142) if their cats turn out to be pregnant. The cost is well justified, since a pedigree Russian Blue is worth £350 ($454) to £1000 ($1230).

Xiaopi is in stable condition now, according to Mr. Zhao.

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