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Elite Readers is a social news and entertainment website where you can find a collection of stories from all over the world right at your fingertips. With 3 million followers who are mostly from English speaking countries and an average of 25 million views a month, we are certainly not your standard source of news and we are not a personal blog either. But we offer articles that are truly worth reading. We share captivating and engaging articles, videos, and news that incites social discussions.

We work remotely anywhere and in any parts of the world. We don’t have an office. Instead we have the comfort of our homes and the cozy atmosphere of any regular coffee shops. We’re not in competition with other similar websites. We just enjoy doing what we love the most. And that’s to write and share all kinds of interesting stories.

Freelance Writers and Content Curators

We are looking for full-time content writers who can write entertaining, interesting, and highly shareable content. This is a home-based position. You will work remotely at the comfort of your home but you must have the ability to work consistently and timely.

What You’ll Be Doing:

  • Primary responsibility will be creating highly sharable content that everyone will talk about.
  • Inventing unexpected concepts and writing headlines that stands out in Facebook Newsfeeds.
  • Curating the best content on the internet from beautiful arts, powerful images and videos bursting with human emotion, cute animal, funny stuff, and inspiring stories.


  • Degree in Journalism, Mass Comm, Literature or English is preferred.
  • Candidates who do not possess the degrees mentioned, but has 3 years of experience writing contents for the web will be considered.
  • Must have excellent grammar and punctuation
  • Must have your own computer/laptop with high speed internet connection.
  • Must submit error-free articles on a timely basis.
  • Must know how to utilize keywords perfectly inside the article.
  • Must be able to write full-time and commit to write 3-5 articles per day at the very minimum (300+ words).
  • Genuine love for anything worth sharing.
  • Must be familiar with WordPress (preferred but not required).

This is a long term, paid position. You will be compensated for each article you write. Those who are already holding full-time employment, and just looking for additional income, are discouraged to apply, unless you are planning to leave your present job. This position requires your full time attention. We need full-time writers ONLY. Do not apply if you’re just planning to outsource your work. If you are interested, contact us.