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Mom Had To Choose Between Herself Or Her Newborn. Her Decision? Heartbreaking!





Ashley Bridges was 10 weeks on the way when she discovered she has bone cancer. Now, she has only months to live after choosing to give birth to her daughter, Paisley, and delaying chemotherapy.

It all started in the spring time of 2012 when Ashley felt knee pains. She consulted a doctor regarding her condition, and she was told that it’s only arthritis or bursitis, but the pain persisted causing a lot of discomfort to Ashley. But, the 24-year-old mom did not whine much about it having a healthy and loving relationship with her current partner and healthy son, Braiden, conceived from a previous relationship.

However, what the doctor initially dismissed as arthritis only got worse by late 2013. That time, Ashley’s was already 10-weeks pregnant, and the pain in her knee was now very excruciating making her numb and unable to walk. So, she decided to consult a specialist from whom she learned that she has osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer. The specialist told her to undergo a surgery to remove her knee and then a chemotherapy treatment thereafter to kill the cancer cells. Nevertheless, she was warned that the chemotherapy treatment would harm the baby inside her womb.


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The selfless mom agreed to undergo a lengthy surgery but told the doctors to delay her chemo. During the surgery, the doctors removed most of her femur and replaced her knee. Upon completion, Ashley put the delivery of her unborn baby on top of her priority list instead of opting to chemo. This decision was very harmful for Ashley because it will allow the cancer to spread throughout her body, attack her brain and ultimately claim her life. But, Ashley doesn’t want to go through with the treatment, not until the baby is born. “I’m not going to kill a healthy baby because I’m sick. There’s nothing wrong with her. Her life is just as important as mine if not more important. I mean as a mother my job is to protect my kids.”

According to the studies of, people diagnosed with osteosarcoma have a 5-year survival rate. But, regardless of how many months or years a patient may survive, many people were amazed of the cancer-stricken mom’s courage; one of them was Lindsey Natzic-Villatoro. She said, “I think that this has helped express to others who have never had children the depth of actually a mom’s love — the selflessness. It’s just like the best example that she has shown the entire world. So for that, she is definitely one of the most bravest people that I’ve ever met.” Lindsey helped Ashley and her boyfriend put together their wedding last minute.

Watch the tear-jerking story here:

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OMG! Watching this clip really tears my heart apart. Ashley is indeed a picture of a woman’s legacy and bravery. In my heart and in my mind, I still hope that Ashley would survive her battle against cancer so that she’ll have a much longer time to love and protect her kids. I bet, Braiden and Paisley are among the proudest and luckiest kids in the world for having such as selfless mom.

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