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‘Britain’s Best Bosses’ Take Employees On Luxurious Month-Long Trips In Scenic Locations





Most of us are lucky enough to be acknowledged by our boss on a regular working day. Perhaps they might even congratulate us for a job well done or offer a bonus every now and then. However, the two men who are being called “Britain’s Best Bosses” certainly raise the bar up high. The duo actually takes their entire staff on luxurious month-long trips in exotic locations, all expenses paid!

Mike Bandar, 29, and James Vardy, 31, are the co-founders of a digital startup studio called Turn Partners. The Birmingham, UK-based company truly believes that its employees are its best asset and regularly goes out of its way to keep the staff happy. The employees are often allowed to spend their working days on leisurely trips to Thailand, India and, Mexico. The best part is, they can even take their loved ones with them.

Bandar and Vardy with the staff of Turn Partners on a recent trip to India.

Bandar discussed the company’s laid-back approach to work.

“From time-to-time we like to treat our team to a month-long holiday so that we can all escape the cold British weather and not go too long without some sunshine,” he said. “Turn Partners covers the costs and although we generally go away for the month, staff can come and go for as long as they please.”

The company certainly makes sure that the employees are relaxed so they can deliver the best work possible. This means they can take leaves anytime they want and don’t feel too much pressure when it comes to their projects.

“Everyone at Team Turn has an unlimited holiday allowance, as well as a minimum holiday allowance to make sure they don’t skip ‘me time’, have complete freedom of how and where they work and a huge flexibility on the projects they work on,” Bandar revealed.

The company that plays together, works hard together as well.

So does it work? It certainly does, both for Turn Partners and its staff. Senior Developer Luke Lanchaster admitted that he was motivated to fix a problem while enjoying a staff holiday in India.

“I fixed a problem at work that was eluding me for months whilst sitting on a deckchair, listening to the rolling waves, and generally having a great time on holiday,” Lanchaster said. “Working for Turn Partners is amazing in that they’ve realized keeping employees happy, motivated and excited pays off dividends.”

It’s an awesome idea that certainly pays off. Hopefully, more companies will consider giving their employees more flexibility and holiday allowances in the future.