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Comic Artist, Who Stands 5-Feet, Shares The Advantages of Being Short





Size truly doesn’t matter. Life can be great even if you’re not that tall at all. Take it from Brisa, an artist who stands at 152 cm (that’s almost 5 feet!) and has utilized her creativity to make a fun series of illustrations, depicting the perks of being short.

The idea behind the comic came to Brisa after reading the comments to Short People Problems, her previous series. While poking fun at the downsides of being short has been “super well-received” by her followers, she also noticed how some commenters often shared how being short led them to feelings of lower self-esteem.

So Brisa took it upon herself to create a series for her webcomic Three Under The Rain that instead highlighted the brightside, which she aptly called The Perks of Being Short. It also became a huge hit.

In a Bored Panda feature, Brisa shared some of the blessings only smaller individuals get to enjoy.

The artist began:

“I love hearing my fiance’s heartbeat when I hug him, but I think that always having legroom, especially in trains, planes or back car seats, is way a better perk.”

Check out the list of pros here:

You get to save yourself from a lot of pain.

This is actually awesome, especially when you’re taking public transportation.

So sweet and adorable!

You can have fun watching concerts and events without people getting annoyed at you.

Comfy all the time, baby yeah!

No need to hide behind a tree.

ow we see why fans couldn’t help but love Brisa’s funny yet heartwarming artworks. She’s pretty good!

If you want to see more of Brisa’s stuff, you can go check out her work on Instagram and Facebook. Meanwhile, those interested to purchase prints, stickers, greeting cards, and other merch may do so by visiting the official ThreeUnderTheRain website.

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