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Bridesmaid Dies After Choking on Her Own Vomit For the Sake of Tradition!





A shocking viral video has surfaced featuring a bridesmaid who was forced to drink excessive amounts of alcohol, thus leading her to choke on her own vomit.

The 28-year-old Chinese bridemaid from Wenchang, Hainan province died after being pressured by the wedding guests to drink too much alcohol. Her compliance is part of the Chinese wedding tradition wherein bridesmaids are a social display that signifies the status of the families being married.

Watch the video here:

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Unfortunately, this scene isn’t all that rare.

In fact, many bridesmaids to be pressured to do all sorts of things for the sake of making the wedding more “fun.” There are even traditions where bridesmaids become subject to harassment. Some are stripped, fondled, and outright molested by men to maintain the “fun” atmosphere! And no one sticks up for these women because the men doing the harassing are usually honored wedding guests.

Below is one tradition that entails making the bridesmaid lie naked in bed with another man whose role is to pretend-abduct the bride. Because of tradition and pressure from the bridesmaid’s family, it becomes hard to refuse!

Another weird tradition for Chinese bridesmaids:

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Sometimes, even the bride faces the humiliation with guests outright groping them. Below is a video featuring a bride playing along to guests fondling her breasts as onlookers take videos. Take note, there are even kids around!

Had enough? Well, how about this strange video where guests grope a woman in public:

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And the worst part is that many of these women refuse to report these incidents because of China’s conservative values, and for fear of bringing shame into their family.

This tradition of mistreating bridesmaids has become so shockingly common that some women prefer to just hire bridesmaids for rent to spare their friends and family from the humiliation!

Clearly, such traditions are harassing women:

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