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Bride Pens 2-Page Invitation Telling Guests to Eat Before Attending Wedding

They would only be serving cookies at the reception!

  • A bride-to-be has decided to write a lengthy two-page memo instead of sending out the standard wedding invitation.
  • The document reveals that the couple is only planning to serve cookies and some cupcakes at the reception so guests must eat beforehand.
  • The invitation ended up on a Facebook shaming page.

We usually attend weddings to celebrate the union of two people in love. In addition to that, people often expect to enjoy good food and drinks during the reception. However, a bride may have other plans for her wedding. As you can see below, she wrote a two-page invitation explaining that guests will need to eat before attending the ceremony since they would only be serving cookies.

The invitation is very different from the usual wedding invitations that people usually get. Instead of just sharing important details like the date and location of the wedding, it appears to be a memo with some unnecessary information. For instance, the invitation explains that the couple has opened a “honeyfund account” where people can donate to their honeymoon.

The invitation had people fuming.

Interestingly, the invitation also confirms that there will be a selection of cookies that will be served along with cupcakes and the wedding cake. The document goes into detail about the types of cookies and milk that will be available. “It is a small reception so it is not a lot of food,” the invitation reads. “Please eat something before arriving.”

It looks like they were trying to save money on their reception.

It’s a shocking entry for people who couldn’t believe that the bride and groom would go as far as leaving their guests hungry after their wedding. Needless to say, netizens had strong reactions to the invitation.

There would be four different kinds of cookies served at the reception.

It’s unclear if the couple were trying to save money for their wedding. However, people were quick to point out that they should still consider feeding the guests who would be joining them on their special day.

What do you think of the wedding invitation? Sound off in the comments below.


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