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Brazilian Family’s 14 Members Have 12 Fingers And Toes





When people have unique characteristics, like having an extra finger or toe, they may feel embarrassed that others will make fun of them. However, a family in Brazil has embraced this rare genetic illness and has put the condition to good use – as pianists and goalkeepers.

The family Da Silva is proud of the fact that fourteen members of their 23-member clan are living with all six fingers and toes each. The new addition to the family, Vinicius, has the same deformity.

However, his parents are hoping that he would also put his extra digits to good use just like his older siblings.

Source: Daily Mail
His older brother, Joao Assis is a goalkeeper.

Source: Daily Mail
On the other hand, his sister, Maria Morena, is a good pianist.

Source: Daily Mail
A brother can also play the guitar.

The family members have a genetic syndrome polydactyly. Also dubbed as hyperdactyly, it’s a condition that can affect humans and other animals. It’s a condition when a person may have an extra digit as a result of a genetic mutation. This means that it can run in families.

Approximately one out 3,000 people is born with the condition.

Source: Wikipedia

Joao Assis said in a statement:

“I’m able to reach some balls when people can’t. For me it’s easier to hold the ball, I have more grip and my hands covers more, so it’s difficult for the ball to escape.”

The family Da Silva's story is featured in the latest episode of Body Bizarre.

Their story shows how deformities can be used in various ways and how being different doesn’t mean people should be ashamed or embarrassed. Everybody is unique in his or her own way and having a unique quality does not mean being less than others.

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