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A Day After Losing His Dad, 6-Year-Old Boy Sells Lemonade So He Can Take His Mom On Date




  • Brady Campbell, 6, of Stapleton, Colorado has been selling lemonade outside their home.
  • Much to his buyers’ surprise, they learned he’s doing it to raise money so he can take his mom on a date.
  • The young gentleman, who has lost his dad to cancer, has since touched the hearts of many in the community.

It’s always wonderful when we hear about selfless acts of kindness in the middle of a tragedy. And of course, it gets even more touching when the said good deed is actually done by a child.

Case in point, a 6-year-old kid recently gained lots of love and respect not only from his local community but also from netizens everywhere. Brady, who is from Stapleton, Colorado, is being hailed by many as the “sweetest boy ever” because of his good heart.

Meet Brady Campbell, 6.

So what makes Brady so special, you ask?

According to a report, the little guy, like most kids his age, is selling lemonade outside of their home. His purpose for selling the summer beverage, however, is what sets him apart from other youngsters – he’s actually aiming to earn some cash so he can go out on a date wit his mother.

A police officer, who bought a cup of cool lemonade from Brady, later learned about his story and even found out that the boy’s father has passed away because of cancer just the day before.

Soon thereafter, the uniformed customer used his radio to contact fellow cops in the area, telling them about Brady. News immediately spread, not only among the police force but also with the emergency responders and firefighters because of that initial call.

Members of the community also showed their support for Brady’s fundraising project and he has since become a local sensation after his story caught the attention of several news sources and numerous social media users.

His late dad would surely be proud!

Kudos to young Brady for his heart of gold and kudos to everyone who did their share to make the kid’s goal a reality. It’s definitely moments like this that restore our faith in humanity.

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