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12-Year-Old Kid Quits School To Raise Money For Dying Mom





It’s a story that’s as inspiring as it is heart-wrenching. We’ve heard about parents who never gave up on their kids, even if things seemed impossible but now this is about something that proves some children, despite being young, will go great lengths to help their parents as well.

Case in point, Gu Guang Zhao is merely 12 years old and yet he made a big decision to ensure that his ill mother will be cared for and that he’d do his part in helping raise the needed money for her treatment.

Gu Guang Zhao recently quit school so he can attend to his mother, who is dying from kidney failure.

Source: Kuaibao
Apparently, the boy wanted to focus helping his 40-year-old mother who badly needs a kidney transplant.

Source: Gongyi
A top in student in school with many academic awards, Gu wrote his teacher to explain the situation.

Source: Kuaibao
Despite his young age, Gu began working to earn money for his mother’s medical needs.

Source: Kuaibao

According to reports, the family has so far raised 500,000 yuan (US$75,578) and incurred a debt of 100,000 yuan (US$15,115).

Unfortunately, the amount still isn’t enough, mainly because of the expensive daily dialysis. Their savings have already been exhausted as well.

Netizens were touched upon hearing the story and decided to lend a hand.

Source: Kuaibao

When Gu’s story gained some attention online, many Chinese netizens decided to help them raise money for the operation through a fundraising site. The boy, on the other hand, felt grateful and overwhelmed about it. In fact, he told his mom he wrote a list of everyone who helped them with the intention of repaying their kindness someday when he grows up.

For those interested to donate and help, head over to this site. We do hope Gu succeeds in saving his ill mom.

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