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These Girls Rode The Slingshot Ride, Their Reactions Are Priceless





There is always that someone we consider our ‘best friend.’ From the things you have done together like share secrets, food and friendship rings, laugh and cry over silly stuff and the best part– you got each other’s back no matter what just like these two adorable girls.

At Indy Speedway amusement park, Panama City Beach, Florida, best friends Carmarie and Kanya just experienced the ultimate Slingshot ride together and it’s basically a burst of emotions–from euphoria, fear and whatnot. The funny thing is that these ‘besties’ seem to take turns from the all that screaming too. I bet you also adore their conversation, the part where Carmarie said,

‘Kanya, I love you and you are my best friend.’

‘And if I die, tell my Mom I love her,’ she added.

‘If you die, I’m going to die too,’ Kanya answered.

Watch the funny video:

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Aw! That’s true love, the sweetest best friends and daughters. Don’t worry girls, you made it alive! Prayers have been answered Kanya dear. That’s certainly another friendship milestone they won’t forget ever and there’s more to come girls.

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If you still want more, check out this hilarious video. I’m sure you’ll love it!

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