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Thousands March in Berlin to Protest Germany’s COVID-19 Restrictions




  • Thousands of unmasked groups marched to Brandenburg Gate to protest against the COVID-19 restrictions.
  • They called it the “Day of Freedom” to signify freedom from the restrictive policies enforced by the Berlin police to contain the virus.
  • The police warned the protesters that their “irresponsible” demonstrations could lead to prosecution.
  • Politicians, on the other hand, are alarmed because of the rising numbers of new COVID-19 cases.

Thousands of unmasked protesters marched to Berlin’s iconic Brandenburg Gate during the “Day of Freedom – The End of the Pandemic” for a “sit-in” to oppose the German government’s coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions.

About 20,000 hard left and right and conspiracy theorists are making their opposition to social distancing, face masks, and vaccines heard while loudly chanting, “We are the second wave.” They dubbed the pandemic as  “the biggest conspiracy theory.”


The organizers reportedly expected a turnout of 500,000 protesters since they halted the first rally because the police and some politicians called it “irresponsible.”

Current coronavirus policies in Germany mandate people to maintain a distance of 1.5 meters in public. Everyone is also encouraged to wear face masks. 


According to a Twitter post made by the Berlin police, most of the protesters during the “Day of Freedom” were breaking all these rules. A video of the protest shows that almost no one was wore masks during the large gathering. 


“Our colleagues are using loud speakers to urge the adherence to the rules. We are also documenting non compliance for possible later prosecution,” Berlin police tweeted. They also said that those who do not comply will be facing a criminal complaint. The police also announced that they would not allow protesters who continue to disregard the country’s initiatives to contain the pandemic.

Germany has recorded over 900 new COVID-19 cases within a 24-hour window, causing authorities to be alarmed at the possibility of a new spike in coronavirus cases.

Germany’s economy minister Peter Altmaier tweeted that the situation is alarming, so “the main risks need to clearly be named so that a more targeted prevention becomes possible.” 

Watch the video of the protest here:
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