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Being Married Reduces Heart Attack and Stroke Risk, Study Finds





Are you single? Here’s another reason to find your one true love as soon as you can! A new study shows that being married reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Worried now? Well according to a team of researchers at the Keele University in the United Kingdom, single people are more susceptible to having cardiovascular diseases, even fatal ones such as a heart attack or stroke – compared to married people.

Married people are at a lower risk of heart attacks or strokes.

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The researchers believe the findings may be linked to various factors, like additional emotional and social support from a spouse.

In the study published in the journal Heart, the researchers explored the connection between marital status and cardiovascular risk.

The team of researchers reviewed over 30 studies involving more than two million people. They took into consideration the information on the respondent’s marital status and the risk for heart-related problems.

Having a spouse can protect against cardiovascular diseases.

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The results show that single people or those who had been divorced or widowed had a 42-percent higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease and a 16-percent higher risk of developing a coronary artery heart disease.

Also, single individuals had a greater risk of dying from heart disease (42 percent) and stroke (55 percent).

How are married people protected against heart disease?

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Dr. Mamas Mamas, lead author of the study said:

“For example, it is well known that patients are more likely to take important medications after an event such as a heart attack or a stroke if they are married, perhaps because of spousal pressure.”

“Similarly, they are more likely to take part in rehabilitation which improves outcomes after strokes or heart attacks.”

Also, married people have someone who can recognize sudden changes in their partner’s health. For those who are both working, they likewise have a dual income to support their health care. Another theory is that married people have someone to provide support, especially during hard times.

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