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These Hilariously Naughty Flowers are Now Very Popular in Barcelona





“Penis Peppers,” “Vulva Flowers,” and “Titty Melons”… Wait, What?!?

These are what vendors in Barcelona are peddling in a pedestrian mall nowadays after the city forbade them to sell tourist souvenirs in flower stalls. Faced with the prospect of losing their livelihood because of some city rule, the vendors had to come up with stuff they can hawk to tourists without violating the law, or at least not technically.

The answer? Flowers, fruits, and vegetables shaped like genitalia. Believe it or not, they have been selling really well!

You can find these blush-inducing items displayed at La Rambla, a famous pedestrian mall in Barcelona. You can buy the “rude seeds” or “erotic seeds” for around 3 to 4 euros. Locals found a way to grow ordinary horticulture products differently and make them resemble male and female genitalia. I mean, take a look at this…

Clever locals found a way to make peppers look like this…


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Tourists have been snapping up these “erotic seeds”.


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The authorities can’t confiscate their products because the merchandise falls under the “flowers” classification. Some stall owners refuse to sell the products because many school children frequent the area.

Technically, they’re selling “flowers”.


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Watch how the tourists reacted when they saw the naughty merchandise.

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So if you happen to be in Barcelona and thinking of throwing a bachelorette party, you know what to pick up for party favors.

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