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Watch this Chained Bull ‘Dance’ as He Finally Experiences Freedom for the First Time

He danced his ‘dance of freedom’ and showed deep gratitute to the man who saved him.


Each one of us knows how pain, loneliness, and despair feel like. Some people probably experience these more often than others do. Negative emotions are like chains that suffocate and crush our spirits until we’re completely frozen, unable to move.

As human beings, we can find ways to address those feelings. We can always try to “break free” and do whatever we want.

Animals such as cows and bulls experience fear, sadness, and pain too. Yet, unlike us, they are bound by real chains and they can’t do anything unless we release them. They are like prisoners inside tethered housing awaiting execution.

Fortunately, there are extraordinary people who make it their mission in life to rescue abused and neglected animals living in narrow stables and ultimately, sparing them from abattoirs.

Bandit, the bull, was just one of the millions of animals that spent their entire lives bound in chains, unable to play, run around, and enjoy nature. Can you imagine then how he must have felt when a man named Christian from Gut Aiderbichl set him free for the first time?

In the video, you’ll see Bandit perform a “freedom dance” that evidently shows how ecstatic he is! But, soon after that, he also made an unexpected gesture of gratitude that melted the hearts of those who have seen the footage.

Watch the video:

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Gut Aiderbichl is a sanctuary—a protected environment where more than 500 animals that have been rescued from abuse, neglect, and of being slaughtered now live without fear.

Bandit is there with them, enjoying his new life.

Did you notice how Bandit nuzzled his head against Christian’s chest? Isn’t that a powerful and moving moment? Share your thoughts in our comments section and don’t forget to share this touching story with your family and friends.


Abused Dog Petted For The First Time Fears for His Life

Watch an abused dog fears for his life. Share this to spread animal awareness.

All animals should be treated well; they should be loved and cared for like a human being. Dogs or any other animals have feelings too, they give joy and help in our everyday lives as well.

There are reports of animal abuse in some places. Let’s help by supporting campaigns about ending animal cruelty and spreading animal awareness.

Below is a video of a battered dog. A dog was severely abused and traumatized because it was continuously harmed in the past.

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Man Finds A Prehistoric Hard Shell In His Farm In Argentina On Christmas Day

Nothing beats finding a prehistoric shell in your farm for a holiday surprise!

Christmas day is full of surprises -- the gifts, unexpected visitors, family gatherings and festivities. But for one man in Argentina, his Christmas 2015 turned to be more than just a pleasant surprise. It's because he found a prehistoric shell of an armored mammal known as glyptodont.

When Jose Antonio Nievas first saw the unusually hard shell on a riverbank, he thought it was a dinosaur egg. He found it lying in the mud beside the steam inside their farm in Carlos Spegazzini, which is 25 miles from Argentina's capital, Buenos Aires.

Who would not get stunned with this giant shell?


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Adorable Beagle Falls In Love With Stuffed Gorilla – And It’s Absolutely Funny!

I laughed til I cried!

If you’re fond of watching dog videos on YouTube, you probably know Maymo.

This cute beagle has become an online darling among dog lovers because of his funny videos. As you can see on his YouTube channel, his videos have made it to “major television shows and websites.”

One of Maymo’s videos recently went viral because of its sheer cuteness. On the video below, you’ll see Maymo falling in love with a giant gorilla stuffed toy - and it's freaking hilarious to watch!

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