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Pranksters Electrocute Bike Thieves In This Hilarious And Brutal Bait Bike Prank





Bicycles are easy to steal. It has no plate number, is very light in weight and is fairly easy to get away with. With this, the number of bike thieves continues to increase.

Although bikes are cheaper than cars and it is more heart-breaking to lose the latter, we can’t help but get really annoyed at bike thieves. We guess pranksters from TwinzTV know that very well because they were able to think of the perfect karma for those bicycle monsters: electrocution.

It may sound a bit too harsh but it it actually pretty fun, not to mention very suitable for those pesky thieves. The pranksters installed electrical wires beneath the bike’s handle bar which can be controlled via a remote control. They then left the bike on the road side and wait for anyone who would attempt to steal the bike.

Once a thief/prank victim rides the bike, the pranksters will push a button in their remote control, sending the bike (and its rider) flying.

How did it go? Watch it here:

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Stealing, no matter what the circumstances are, is never a good thing to do. While the video may be a prank, we think it is a striking way to let the thieves’ evil actions backfire at them. Sweet revenge, indeed!

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