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11-Year-Old Badass Girl Pulls Out Her Loose Tooth Using a Slingbow

A badass girl just got creative in pulling our her molar with a slingbow technique.


Every kid, at one point or another, dreads of of going to the dentist and have his tooth pulled out. Some kids either just pull them out with their hands or use a thread to pull their pearly whites out. Whichever way, it is still a bit of a painful experience to have something pulled out from your gums.

However, a badass girl named Alexis Davidson got creative in pulling out her tooth. Using a thread and a slingbow, she was able to get her molar pulled out. The experience was captured on video and watching it played in slow-motion makes it look even more cool.

But this strategy should not be imitated by everyone. A kid would need some badass attitude and a cool mom and dad as well to successfully pull this off. For the average kid, it is still best to go to the dentist, and have your tooth extracted.

Watch her video and you’ll regret how you had your tooth extracted as a kid:

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Guy Successfully Finishes Six Beers In Two Minutes But Left A Hilarious Aftermath!

He was doing very well and managed to keep his cool throughout the challenge but toward the end, uh-oh…

Once in a while, we go out with friends to unwind and relax after a hard day's work. One of the best ways ways to do that is to eat some good food and drink a little bit of alcohol to temporarily free us from our miseries. Alcohol can make us tipsy and with the right amounts, a good kind of craziness may be unleashed from us. But when drunk in excessively high amounts, some kind of trouble will surely strike!

In this video we found, a group of friends decided to hold a beer challenge. One guy was asked to drink six bottles of Cruisers, because according to the person holding the video camera, it was his punishment for not drinking the night before. The guy started pretty well -- calm and composed. But right after he chugged down the last drop of the sixth beer, uh-oh, he spewed everything in seconds and toward a target that was least expected!

Watch the video here:

We felt for the two guys who spewed and got spewed. Nonetheless, we found their friendship amazing as everyone was up for a good laugh!

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13 Hilarious Ad Slogans That Will Make You Look Twice

These one-liners are so bad they’d actually make you look twice.

It’s not easy being a copywriter. For the most part, their job is to come up with catchy ads that entice customers towards their client’s services or products. When done right, creating witty one-liners can spark positive interest on any brand.

Well, it really has to be done right. Otherwise, the ads will just be ignored by the target market.

In this case, however, these bad slogans are getting a lot of public attention but for all the wrong reasons. Some have found them to be very tasteless and offensive. While others shrug it off and consider them plainly amusing.

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Ex-Couples Play ‘Truth Or Drink’. It’s Awkward and Funny as it Sounds.

Ex-lovers play truth or drink and it’s hilariously awkward.

Truth be told, seeing your ex is probably the most awkward thing ever especially if the only vivid memory you have of that person is how you broke up, for some at least. Whether it was good or bad, sitting down with the person you once loved is already a challenge in itself, more so playing 'Truth or Drink' in front of the camera and a 'pint' of 'walking down memory lane.'

This is what happened when ex-couples were asked by Elite Daily to sit down and answer some questions about their exes. The catch, either they answer what is asked or take a shot. Some ex-lovers are civil and friendly towards each other as they go on with every challenge while others seem a bit displeased.

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