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11-Year-Old Badass Girl Pulls Out Her Loose Tooth Using a Slingbow





Every kid, at one point or another, dreads of of going to the dentist and have his tooth pulled out. Some kids either just pull them out with their hands or use a thread to pull their pearly whites out. Whichever way, it is still a bit of a painful experience to have something pulled out from your gums.

However, a badass girl named Alexis Davidson got creative in pulling out her tooth. Using a thread and a slingbow, she was able to get her molar pulled out. The experience was captured on video and watching it played in slow-motion makes it look even more cool.

But this strategy should not be imitated by everyone. A kid would need some badass attitude and a cool mom and dad as well to successfully pull this off. For the average kid, it is still best to go to the dentist, and have your tooth extracted.

Watch her video and you’ll regret how you had your tooth extracted as a kid:

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