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This Auto-Thrusting Hydraulic Girdle Will Transform Your Lazy Lover Into a Love Machine


At some point in a relationship, sex tends to get exhausting. With children, chores, and work to juggle with, getting down with your partner and having some good time in bed is something that you need to fit in your schedule. They say sex can make a relationship more exciting and interesting. And if that fire has been put out, the excitement will no longer exist.

But imagine an “auto-thrusting” machine that you can just strap on and have all the work done for you. When you come home late from work and you don’t want to miss out on bringing pleasure to your partner, this “product” is the one you’re looking for.

YouTube channel The Kloons have dreamed up of such a product that will help couples bring back that fire in their sex life. The “auto thrusting hydraulic sex girdle” gets you and your partner in action, just like those times when both of you are so into each other.

Lazy Lovers is a strap-on dreamed-up device that brings back the gusto in your sex life.

Called the Lazy Lover, the machine comes with a neck brace that will come in handy for whiplash when your partner turns up the “jackhammer” function. When you worry about getting dry down there, the machine also has an oil injection feed. This machine would definitely help a lot of couples, especially those who end up in the hospital for accidents that happen from using sex toys.

It comes with customizable settings and different functions.

One of the settings in the machine is called the "Jackhammer."

You can multitask while getting it on with your partner.

Oh, and it's "dishwasher safe."

If you’re feeling lonely down there and you’re missing the good ol’ days with your spouse, the The Kloons’ Lazy Lover will surely be your answered prayer. However, the contraption is not real and the video was made for comedic purposes. Still, many couples would think it would be a great idea.

Check out the video below for the full features of this made-up product.

Would you buy Lazy Lover if it were real? Sound off in the comment section below.

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