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11 Authentic Cocktails To Try Around The Globe





One of the best parts of a trip to a new country is enjoying the local cuisine and experiencing the nightlife. Not surprisingly, some of the popular cocktails you can order at any bar originated from some truly interesting places.

Some cocktails have obvious origins like the Singapore Sling or Blue Hawaii. Some of these yummy beverages even contain ingredients that are native to a certain place. Either way, all of these cocktails are truly refreshing and should be part of your holiday experience. Here are 11 cocktails you should try around the world.

#1. Pimm’s Cup – England
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This popular cocktail is best known as one of the official drinks at the Wimbledon tennis tournament and there’s a good reason why people love it. The Pimm’s Cup always tastes light and refreshing.

To make this beverage, you’ll need the original Pimm’s gin and mix it up with ginger ale, mint leaves, and slices of cucumber or fruit.

#2. Singapore Sling – Singapore

Like they say, when in Singapore, get a Singapore Sling. The gin-based cocktail was reportedly created at the Raffles Hotel in Singapore and has since been replicated around the world.

It’s pretty simple to make since it only requires gin and cherry liqueur. However, lime juice, grenadine, and pineapple juice can also be added.

#3. Pisco Sour – Peru And Chile
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The cocktail gets its name from the pisco brandy, which is made from distilled grapes. This awesome drink is made with fresh lime juice, egg whites, and bitters and can be enjoyed whether you’re in Peru or Chile.

#4. Daiquiri – Cuba
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You can be forgiven for expecting all daiquiris to be blended in ice. However, the original daiquiri that was created in Cuba is typically just shaken in ice.

The original daiquiri also doesn’t involve complex flavorings. It is made using simple syrup, lime juice, a fruit-flavored liqueur, and white rum.

#5. Umeshu – Japan

Technically, umeshu is not a cocktail. It’s a cordial or liqueur but is also referred to as a Japanese plum wine. Either way, it is perfect for making delicious cocktails with a distinct taste.

#6. Paloma – Mexico

Tequilas are awesome on its own but it gets much better when added to fresh grapefruit juice, club soda, and lime juice. The Paloma is known for its pretty pink color and is always Instagram-worthy.

#7. Blue Hawaiian – Hawaii

The Blue Hawaiian is pretty much like a Piña Colada (rum, pineapple juice, and cream of coconut) with one distinct addition: Blue Curaçao. The citrus-flavored liqueur gives the cocktail its vibrant color and refreshing taste.

#8. Sazerac – New Orleans

The cocktail is named after its key ingredient which is Sazerac Rye Whiskey. The whiskey is mixed with sugar, lemon peel, bitters, and an anise-flavored liqueur called Herbsaint.

The cocktail’s exact origin is unclear but people agree that it was made famous by The Roosevelt hotel in New Orleans, Louisiana.

#9. Caipirinha – Brazil
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Caipirinha, a delícia brasileira!

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The sweet and simple cocktail certainly captures the refreshing spirit of Brazil. It is made with cachaça, a Brazilian liquor made from fermented sugar cane juice, lime wedges, and sugar. No frills, just ice and an awesome way to relax.

#10. Sangria – Spain

Although it is popular around the world, sangria originates from Spain. A historical version of the drink is believed to have existed in the Middle Ages.

Sangria is fairly easy to make since you only need red wine and your choice of fruits. However, other recipes also include rum or cinnamon.

#11. Negroni – Italy

Who could resist the Negroni’s distinct red color or sweet flavor? To make the cocktail, you’ll need to mix one part gin, one part sweet vermouth and one part Campari. The winning mixture can keep you refreshed all night.

These yummy cocktails are reason enough to travel the world. Just remember to drink responsibly and have fun!

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