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Australian Tourist Spots That Were Supposed To Be A Joke





Most people visit Australia to see the beaches or explore nature but one of the reasons why a trip to the Land Down Under is so much fun is because of the residents. Australians certainly have a great sense of humor and it shows in some of the tourist attractions they have created around the country.

Although most of the tourist spots listed below are seriously getting a lot of visitors on a regular basis, they all started out as a joke. Whether you love teddy bears, tigers that turned out to be something else, or a certain Mel Gibson movie, you’ll find something truly unique around Australia.

#1. The Teddy Bears of Bungendore

In the 1980s, the residents of Bungendore near Canberra noticed that there were teddy bears being strung up all over the trees that line Kings Highway. Since then, there have been more toys appearing on the trees.

Nobody knows who has been placing the teddy bears on the trees and some have even joked that the toys are there to protest the trees’ removal. Either way, people have flocked to Bungendore to see the teddy bear colony.

#2. The Submarine of Holbrook

Once upon a time, the mayor of Holbrook in New South Wales suggested that the town should have a submarine to attract tourists. Although the residents thought he was joking, it didn’t take long before the upper part of a decommissioned submarine HMAS Otway were purchased and brought to the park.

There’s a good reason why the mayor wanted a submarine. The town is named after their resident war hero Lieutenant Norman Holbrook, who was a submariner.

#3. Gnomesville of Wellington Mill

Here’s an interesting way to oppose the council. When a roundabout was planned to be built in the town of Wellington Mill, some residents thought it would be funny to “claim” the proposed site by planting some garden gnomes there.

It started with two gnomes but their number has since increased to about 5,000. Gnomesville does encourage visitors to leave new gnomes as long as they are marked with where it came from.

#4. The Tantanoola Tiger

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In the 1890s, the town of Tantanoola was terrorized by a mysterious beast that preyed on livestock. Reported sightings confirmed that the creature had stripes and some brave residents decided to shoot and capture the “tiger.”

Except it wasn’t a tiger at all. The beast actually looked more like a dog and is believed to be an Arabian wolf. The carcass has since been stuffed and placed in a glass case. It can be found in the Tantanoola Tiger Hotel.

#5. The ‘Mad Max 2’ Museum of Silverton

Adrian Bennett loves the Mel Gibson film Mad Max 2 – The Roadwarrior so much that it actually changed his life. The Englishman decided to move to Australia and build a museum dedicated to the movie in the town of Silverton which is close to where the film was shot.

Make sure to visit these awesome tourist spots on your next visit to Australia.

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