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32 Quirky Yet Thought-Provoking Drawings By Artist Nacho Diaz





What sets apart great art from terrible art? It could be many things but personally, I think what makes good artwork stand out is its ability to communicate to its intended audience. Whether it is a well-detailed painting or a simple comic strip, effective art can convey a message and even spark an emotion from its beholder.

This is exactly the reason why I became an instant fan of Nacho Diaz, an artist whose work we will showcase below. Based in Spain, Diaz has been making waves online mostly because of his funny illustrations.

In a Bored Panda feature, this talented guy has been described as someone who “enjoys putting everyday things into bizarre situations” thus, “perfectly creating humorous double entendres.”

You’ll have to see his stuff to understand what that means. But trust us on this – you’ll never see a broccoli, a teabag, or a pinata the same way again once you get to experience Diaz’ art.

Go check out his colorful, thought-provoking drawings below:

1. Global warming accurately depicted.

2. No love for broccoli.

3. Poor T-Rex!

4. We all know how this feels like.

5. The big difference.

6. Next!

7. The naughty teabag.

8. Not again!

9. Nasty piñata.

10. Formula for popularity.

11. Half empty vs hall full.

12. Relieved.

13. WTF!

14. The fatal hug.

15. Basically me every single day.

16. Puberty hit him hard.

17. What ghosts talk about when they share scary stories together…

18. A Halloween scene.

19. I got that reference.

20. Turn back!

21. How to be fab!

22. It’s all fun and games until…

23. No one likes this dude.

24. Before and after going to the beach.

25. That annoying feeling!

26. You lose!

27. The loneliest browser ever.

28. Fit!

29. Caught in the act.

30. Monday fights back.

31. Indeed!

32. When coffee is life…

I don’t know about you but I think this dude’s drawings would look perfect as wall prints – or even as shirts!

In case you want to see more of Nacho Diaz’ works, you can go check out his official website. Moreover, you may also follow him on social media via Instagram and Facebook.