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He’s In Handcuffs When the Officer Collapsed. What He Did Next Restored My Faith In Humanity!





We’ve heard stories of police officers who selflessly served the community. However, recently we were also bombarded with sad news about police brutality and how some police officers mistreated someone during the arrest. Of all these stories about the lives of law enforcers, it’s not everyday that we hear a story of a police officer’s life being saved by the person he just arrested. Sounds interesting, right? It is also my first time to hear such story.

Fort Lauderdale Police Department, Florida, will honor the heroic action of Jamal Rutledge who saved Police Officer Franklin Foulks. Jamal was arrested and handcuffed on charges of probation violation. He was brought to a processing area where the police officer has suddenly collapsed. No one was in the room except the two. Upon watching the officer fell down from his chair, Jamal’s action was remarkable. He quickly made some noise to get the attention of other officers who were outside the room. Fortunately, the officers heard the commotions and immediately went inside to help the dying police officer. According to the doctors, if Jamal did not respond quickly to the situation, the police officer would’ve died in a matter of seconds. Good thing, Jamal was there in the right time and right place. I guess the officer was very thankful that he has arrested Jamal that day. Otherwise, his family will be mourning for his death. What an amazing story!

Watch the simple yet heroic deed:

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How would you have reacted if you were in Jamal’s shoes?

H/T: SF Globe

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