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New Chinese Movie Looks Oddly Familiar – And Netizens Are Bashing It





Move over, Tony Stark. It looks like there’s a new armored hero in town. You’ve got competition and it’s made in China!

A new movie called ‘Armored War God Monkey King’ has recently been getting a lot of attention online and netizens couldn’t help but point out the obvious – it looks strangely similar to the Marvel superhero flick starring Robert Downey Jr.

Based loosely on the Chinese legend Journey to the West, Daishu Movie and Grandmet Presentation’s new film “follows the story of the Monkey King as he traverses the parallel universes of heaven and hell,” 9GAG reported, “where people have mastered the technology of armored suits and and cross-universe travel.”

The concept sounds like a fresh twist on the iconic tale but looking at the film’s marketing materials just spells out the obvious – they’re not exactly attempting to do something original here.

Just look at this pose, for example.

Looks oddly familiar, right?

Well, what about this scene?

It’s truly undeniable. The hero does bear an uncanny resemblance to its western counterpart – only that this version is a cheap rip-off with cringeworthy CGI as you will see in the video below.

Watch the trailer here:

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Not surprisingly, netizens have bashed the movie for blatantly copying the armored Avenger.

One commenter said:

“I’ve seen student projects with better special effects than this. What a joke!”

Another wrote:

“Respect for Marvel’s VFX increase after watching this..”

Despite the backlash, the movie’s production team defended their work and said they took inspiration not only from Iron Man but also from Transformers and Gundam.

The team explained:

“We can make armored heroes that belong to China. No matter how difficult the process is, we’ll carry with us our childhood dreams, presenting to the world a Chinese-made smart armor.”

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