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Beauty Contest Finalist Shocks Judges by Revealing He’s Actually A Man

No one saw it coming – not even the online voters and judges themselves!


It’s a shocking revelation that no one saw coming – not the online voters and certainly not the judges themselves. Apparently, a beauty contestant who has made it to the finals has admitted “she” is actually a male.

This recently happened in Kazakhstan and everyone is just in disbelief. By his own confession, Arina Alieva is, in reality, 22-year-old Ilay Dyagilev who only posed as a woman.

‘Arina Alieva’ bested 4,000 applicants and made it all the way to the competition’s last stage.

Source: East2West

Ilay shared:

“My friends and I, we had a debate on beauty, and I decided to take part in the pageant. I’ve always been a champion of natural beauty.

“You can see that many young women look identical, the same make-up, the same style – and they believe that they are beautiful if they follow trends. I don’t think so.”

Ilay later told the Miss Virtual Kazakhstan organizers that they have been fooled.

Source: East2West
Of course, online voters from across the country were totally in shock.

Source: East2West

Ilay further said:

“I came through to the finale and decided to expose the identity of Arina Alieva when I realized it had gone too far.

“At the very beginning there were around 4,000 applications from across Kazakhstan, but I got to the final.”

After his big confession, organizers removed him from the contest and replaced him with Aikerim Temirkhanova.

Source: East2West

Aikerim, according to a Metro report, “scored 1,975 votes in the semi final compared with 2,012 for the fake Arina Alieva.”

Arina Alieva survived the semi-finals, making it to the top 16 out of 142 other beauty title aspirants.

Source: East2West

Ilay’s transformation was so convincing no one noticed he was a male until he did the reveal himself – and he only did it after realizing that it has already “gone too far”.


108-Year-Old Man Says The Secret To A Long, Happy Life Is Having A Good Wife

According to this man, having a good spouse will make you live longer.

What’s the secret to living a long life? Experts actually have varied answers to this single question. A Harvard research, for example, tells us that intermittent fasting can be the key to longevity. On the other hand, a study by a team from the University of Exeter claims that smelling your partner’s fart can combat diseases.

Well if you ask Esmond Allcock, he’ll tell you all it takes is to have a good spouse. This Canadian man recently celebrated his 108th birthday and so he’s getting recognized as one of the oldest men in the country.

108-year-old Esmond Allcock says the key to a long life is having a good wife.

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Apparently, a math teacher by the name of Robert Ligtvoet is making noise on social media. Believe it or not, the 28-year-old Dutch is not just fond of teaching math. He also is a model and a traveler. Besides being a great - and exceptionally hot - teacher to his students, he also tries to motivate people to suit up all across the globe. So, without further ado, we present to you, Robert. And, oh, he is not your ordinary math teacher.


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