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10 Amazing Facts About the Human Body That Will Make You Go WOAH!





Our bodies are considered to be among the most marvelous and most complex works of art.

In spite of the anatomical and physiological discoveries in the past, scientists still continue to study the human body. And as such, more and more studies are released to provide additional knowledge and for the purposes of medical advancement.

Thanks to these unending discoveries, we continue to learn about our own bodies! Let us take a look at the updated fun facts of the human body below.

#1. Not just 1 but 50,000!

Did you know that our nose can acknowledge 50,000 scents? Moreover, women can better identify scents and odors in comparison to men.

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#2. No automatic repair works for your teeth.

Just so you know, the human tooth is the only part of our body that doesn’t have the capacity to repair its cells. So, make sure that you take care of your teeth or else you will end up having that blank smile.

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