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Watch What Happens If You Pour Molten Aluminum Over Steak. Pretty Cool!





The art and (science) of cooking have evolved tremendously through time. From stick and stones to metal oven and now by pouring aluminum?

In this video we found, a group of friends poured molten aluminum over a huge, fresh steak. Aside from inventing what may probably be the next sensational cooking method, they said the reason why they decided to do the experiment is to test how and to what extent molten metal can damage the muscle tissue.

The “scientists” used a thermal scanner to detect the temperature of the steak to see if it will cook all the way through. Aside from just pouring the aluminum, they also cooked the steak in a pan of molten metal.

Watch the entire experiment here:

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While the steak did not cook, it is still a pretty cool experiment. Who knows? Some hotshot scientist may take notice and develop a novel cooking method based on this.

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Source: TheBackyardScientist via Viral Nova

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