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Adventurous Grandmas Struggle To Get Off Inflatable Raft In Hilarious Video

I can’t stop laughing!


Having fun is always an important component of a happy life. Two adventurous grandmas certainly kept that in mind when they struggled to get off an inflatable raft. The hilarious video shows the women laughing hysterically as they tried their best to climb out of the floating platform.

The two ladies were reportedly out to enjoy a leisurely day with the family. The women, who have been revealed to be sisters, decided to spend the afternoon on an inflatable raft, perhaps to avoid other family members and gossip to their hearts’ content. However, the trouble started when it was time to get off the raft.

These grandmas can’t stop laughing as they tried to get off an inflatable raft!

In the video, one of the grandmas is shown trying to crawl out of the raft. However, it’s a slippery platform and she ended up getting some help from a younger family member.

At one point, her helper tells her to “just roll like a kid,” and although she tried, it simply was not working.

In the meantime, her sister was having some trouble of her own. The struggle to get out of the raft had left her needing to go to the bathroom. While her sister got some help, she told onlookers that she might pee her pants.

Although the rest of the family couldn’t stop laughing at the grandmas, they’re also seeing the lighter side of their own struggle. Both are seen giggling as they tried their best to get off the slippery raft.

They may be struggling, but they’re also having a great time!

If you’re wondering if the grandmas were having trouble because of their age, you might be wrong. Later in the video, someone asks them how many beers they had and one of them answered, “Not many.”

It’s certainly a hilarious video that should remind everyone that the best way to deal with a problem is with laughter. These grandmas also prove that the best way to stay young is to always keep a smile on your face.

Watch the hilarious video below:

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