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People Called Him ‘Fish’ But His Story is More Heart-Wrenching Than Shocking!





Children born with disabilities require the utmost care, attention and unconditional love from everyone especially their families. While they occupy a special place in other people’s hearts, it’s heartbreaking that some parents would rather give them away.

For many years, a special Hospital in Vietnam has been a home for children like Minh Anh with severe disabilities, abandoned by their families. Majority of them are born to parents exposed to dioxin which is a contaminant found in Agent Orange during the Vietnam War resulting to several birth defects.

As for Minh Anh, he has a rare type of skin disease called Ichthyosis in which the body accumulates dead skin cells on its surface. This causes dry, scaly skin which explains why people call him ‘Ka,’ a Vietnamese word for fish. Ichthyosis affects around 1 in 250 people and according to Mayo Clinic, this condition  still has no cure.

An orphan almost all his life, Minh Anh has known no love from a family, not until he met Brenda Smith. The 80-year-old great-grandmother from England travels 8,000 miles every year for 15 years now just to visit him and bring happiness to his life. Smith has known Minh Anh since he was only 3 years old and treats him like her own. Her fear is that she might only have a few more years left and come to an age where she can no longer support him so she wants to secure Minh Anh’s future. Now that he is 18, Smith wants to make sure that she can entrust someone to continue what she started,someone who can take care and love him the way she does.

Watch the heartwarming video:

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Smith’s enduring love for Minh Anh is truly inspiring. The special bond between the two exceeds any other relationship. That despite his condition and being abandoned, Minh Anh has found happiness and love from once a stranger to someone he now considers a family.

Credits: DocuFilmTV

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