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9 Remedies That Will Help You Stop Snoring

Snoring is irritating. Be kind to your sleep partner and try these easy solutions to lessen or hopefully stop you from snoring.

Kat Lozada





About 45% of adults snore and it is a nuisance not just to your partner, but also for your health. Snoring decreases the quality of your sleep and is a potential risk for heart disease.

Snoring results when the air is unable to move freely between the nose and throat. Apart from seeking medical help to stop your snoring habit, you can also implement some of these remedies at home before you go to sleep tonight:

#1. Use a humidifier

1 Use a humidifier

Source: shinnygogo

There are people who are more prone to snoring when the air is dry. A humidifier will help keep moisture in the air, which can relive snoring caused by dry air. Staying hydrated also helps.

#2. Try a new sleeping position

2 Try a new sleeping position

Sleeping on one’s back can increase the snoring of a person. The simple solution is to sleep on your side instead. Train yourself by attaching a ball to your back. Let’s see if you would still want to sleep on your back, then.

#3. Avoid drinking alcohol before going to bed

3 Avoid drinking alcohol before going to bed

Source: MatHelium

Taking alcohol four to five hours before bedtime will surely get you to snore even without you knowing it. Avoid taking muscle relaxants unless prescribed by your physician.

#4. Try using a mouthpiece

4 Try using a mouthpiece

This anti-snoring device is placed over the teeth before going to sleep. This keeps the airways open, helping the user breathe easily and freely though nose and throat.

#5. Open up your nasal passages

5 Open up your nasal passages

Source: Jo Ann Deasy

This can be effective if you are suffering from allergies or nasal congestion. Take a hot shower before going to bed or use a nasal strip or spray to open the nasal passages and make breathing easier and freely.

#6. Keep your bed and bedroom clean

6 Keep your bed and bedroom clean

Allergens are sure to hide in dirty bedrooms and unwashed linen that can cause congestion. Clean your room as often as you can to prevent mites and other allergens from taking refuge in your beddings and room

#7. Stop smoking

7 Stop smoking

Source: Serge Melki

Apart from the other health risks smoking can give you, it was found that cigarette smoke irritates the throat and nasal passages, causing congestion and inhibiting airflow in the process. When you quit smoking, you decrease your chances of snoring.

#8. Practice throat exercises on a daily basis

8 Practice throat exercises on a daily basis

Source: Alex Grant

According to research, by practicing mouth and throat exercises everyday, the muscles in your respiratory tract are strengthened, making it less likely for them to collapse and constrict air flow.

#9. Exercise

9 Exercise

Source: CherryPoint

When you make an effort to exercise on a daily basis, the muscles of your body are toned, and this includes your throat muscles. When the muscles of your throat are less likely to collapse, you will be able to breathe freely during sleep, making it unlikely to snore.

If all else fails, best to seek medical help just to ensure that you are treated for your constant snoring.

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