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9 Reasons Why Kissing Your Partner Every Day Can Help You Live Longer





Kissing has always been a romantic, beautiful and an easy way to express the feelings of love and affection. It may also be one of the earliest ways for social bonding.

There are definitely plenty of obvious reasons why people kiss. One of the main reasons is romance, but science is now saying that you can get more from kissing than feeling loved and wanted. In fact, it can be good for you and your health. Check out these nine reasons why kissing your partner every day can help you live longer.

1. Kissing is perfect to ease allergies.

2. It lowers the stress hormon.

3. Kissing is a good exercise as it burns calories.

Why run miles after miles when you can burn calories in the comfort of your own home, laying in your bed, having a romantic time with your partner.

4. Kissing makes you use a lot of facial muscles so it will help you look younger.

If you’re really into it, then you can even exercise your neck too.

5. Kissing allows the lungs to work three times than usual so it will prevent you from lung diseases.

6. Kissing is good for the heart as it reduces blood pressure.

7. Kissing relieves pains like headache and menstrual cramps.

8. Kissing helps you fights against various infections.

9. Kissing keeps your teeth clean and healthy.

Apparently, kissing is not only good for your health — but it also helps you live better. A study conducted by a group of German physicians and psychologists back in the 1970s reveals that in order to have a happy, successful and long healthy living, kiss your life partner before you go to work every day. Researchers find that people who did it tend to be more productive at work, take less sick days, and make more money in general.

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