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80-Year-Old Grandma’s Incredible Age-Defying Transformation, Thanks to Make-Up





An octogenarian grandmother has been wowing the internet lately after receiving an incredible makeover from her makeup artist granddaughter that transforms her from several levels of drab to Hollywood-style fab.

Eighty-year-old Livia from Croatia looks like your typical super senior, with her face criss-crossed in wrinkles from over half a century of life’s experiences.

Typically what you would expect any 80-year-old woman to look like.

glama 1

Source: Tea Flego

Enter her granddaughter, Tea Flego, a talented makeup artist and beauty blogger whose favorite canvass is her beloved granny’s face – a canvas she has been practicing on since her early childhood days when she discovered she wanted to be a makeup artist.

Livia, ever the supportive grandparent, never refused to support Tea’s creativity, of course.

Over the course of their makeovers, Tea transformed Livia from a well-worn and wrinkled crone into what the internet is calling…


glama 2

Source: Tea Flego

The incredible contouring and highlighting as well as the skillful application of cosmetics turned the 80-year-old housewife into an amazing version of herself, making her look as much as 40 years younger than her true age.

Gone are the liver spots, the dry and reddish skin, the runnels through her face, and the scraggly hair. In place is a totally different Livia.

Sporting the ultimate in “contouring goals,” Glam-ma’s transformation, complete with false eyelashes and fingernails, could give the Kardashians a run for their money.

Take that, Kim K…

glama 6

Source: Tea Flego

Livia, who has always loved makeup herself, remains Tea’s ever-willing model, delighting in the many transformations her granddaughter put her through.

This is evidenced by the now sprightly-looking femme fatale mother of five, grandmother of 12, and great-grandmother of 16 after one of Tea’s many makeovers.

glama 4

Source: Tea Flego

Her huge transformation is currently going viral, which just goes to show how much makeup can do to transform any person into someone not only unrecognizable, but much, much younger, and ultimately more fabulous.

Makeover by the ultra-talented Tea Flego, anyone?

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H/T: Buzzfeed and Woman’s Day

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