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8 Simple Homemade Medications That Are Proven Effective


Health is wealth, and this line here will surely go on for ages. Why? Well, simply because it’s true. Getting sick is just way too expensive, especially these days. It sucks the life out of you and your wallet. Unfortunately, some even do not save money for medication and emergencies.

But worry no more, though. There are actually homemade medications that you can always resort to. Not only are they effective, they won’t break your bank. They’re definitely a must-have!

So, without further ado, here they are. Thank us later!

#1. Gargle using cold water.

You might be fond of gargling using soda and/or iodine solutions, but it’s time to dump them now. It’s actually best to gargle using cold water. Your risk of getting colds and other mouth diseases are lowered 3 times than those who use soda and/or iodine solutions.

#2. White vinegar and spirit for treating ear infections.

Don’t you know that doctors actually have the best recipe for curing ear infections? This is through the use of white vinegar and spirit in a ratio of 1:1. Just pour a spoonful of this mixture into each other. Voila, you already have the most effective method of curing ear infections.

#3. Cucumbers to strengthen and whiten teeth.

If you haven’t known yet, carrots are among the vegetables that can strengthen and whiten your teeth. But if you really want a very effective ingredient, go ahead and resort to using cucumbers. They contain a lot of vitamins A and K, Kalium, and antioxidants. These are perfect for achieving that great smile!

#4. Relieve migraines by using ice poultice.

Believe it or not, this method was first used in 1849. And as time passes by, its efficiency is still through the roof. Putting an ice poultice on your neck and nape can easily ease migraine pain. Remember: Ice helps in distracting the throbbing pain in your temples.

#5. Remove warts using garlic.

Oh, no, garlic isn’t just for cooking. It’s an effective medicine for removing warts. Simply chop several garlic gloves and cover all of them with boiled water. From there, dip a cotton pad into the mixture and apply to the necessary place. Be sure to compress the application to make it more effective. Repeat the process several times in a day until the annoying wart disappears.

#6. Use honey instead of cough syrup.

If your cough has been troubling you for days, then it’s time to use a very efficient method. This is through the use of honey. Veer away from those expensive and ineffective cough syrups. They only harm both your health and wallet.

#7. Go for antifungal baths using vinegar and sodium.

Using both vinegar and sodium is perfect for curing foot fungus. It’s important to know, however, that this method has contradictions of sorts. For instance, you must make sure that you don’t have any cuts or bruises on the area you want to apply the mixture. If you have cardiovascular diseases, better not use this.

#8. Cure stretch marks using Aloe Vera and almond oil.

Ah, stretch marks. They’re a pest, right? They just disturb your beauty. Well, need not to worry – you can always resort to the cheapest and most effective method. Simply use a mixture of Aloe Vera and almond oil, and then apply on the affected areas. Leave the substance for at least 15 minutes and then remove the remainder. Just repeat this procedure several times a day until you achieve satisfactory results.

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