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8 Famous People That Proved Rags To Riches Can Happen To Anyone





Oftentimes we judge the people we see in the streets without even knowing their story, but life can change in a blink of an eye.

The following famous people on this list were once homeless and through their determination, they are now one of the well-known people worldwide that we idolize.

#1. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

Source: Jlo

During her teenage years, our “Jenny from the Block” has become homeless as young as 18. She chose her dancing career instead of college, that is why her mother kicked her out of their house. She spent her nights in a cot at the dance studio, in just a span of a year she was able to nail her first major gig. She’s definitely a living proof of people from rags to riches.

#2. Michael Oher

Michael Oher

The streets were once his home and sleeping area, he is the man behind the story of “The Blind Side” a semi-biographical sports and drama movie released in 2009 was once homeless until a good couple adopted him. Now he cannot believe that he’s one of the people from rags to riches.

#3. Jewel


Source: Jewel

Jewel is lucky to have a wonderful voice to serenade the people, she writes her own songs and lifted so many hearts who listen to it. She never thought that her singing career will bring her the great success that no one can do it for herself. According to her, it’s very difficult to work your way out when you don’t have a physical address to put on a job application.

#4. Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone

While most of you have heard the story of Sylvester Stallone, he is such a great guy with the kindest heart to his dog. He decided to sell the script of Rocky Balboa movie to make ends meet and bought back his dog because it was the only thing that matters to him.

#5. Halle Berry

Halle Berry

Source: Halle Berry

The Oscar Winner Halle Berry moved to Chicago as young as 21 years old to pursue her dream to be an actress. Unfortunately, when she asked her mom to help her financially, Halle’s mom refused. She was forced to live in a homeless shelter with other people, through this situation she experienced; she became the person who knows that she will always make a way to get out from any mess.

#6. Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey

A comedian on TV but a struggling man in real life, things were not easy for Steve Harvey. He left his job as an insurance salesman, his wife and twins left him, he used to steal fuel from gas stations to be able to attend those comedy gigs. He survived eating bologna sandwiches for the longest time you can ever image, because that was the only food he can afford.

#7. Drew Carey

Drew Carey

Source: drewfromtv

Another comedian who tried his luck making people laugh, Drew confessed that he tried to kill himself when he was 18 years old; all he ever had to eat during those times was water. One thing he learned from his tragic situation, you have to believe that you deserve the good things that come your way.

#8. Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt

He is our Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy and Andy on Parks and Recreation, but his real life does not match the stories he has on these movies. Chris Pratt was homeless until Director Rae Dawn Chong asked Pratt to be part of the Cursed Part 3 movie, that everyone called as Pratt’s Ticket Out of Maui.

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