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8 Creepy But Interesting Facts About Bangkok’s Ghost Tower





The Sathorn Unique Building towers over the smaller buildings in Bangkok, all 49 floors of ruin and neglect. What was supposed to become a premium luxury apartment complex in the city with the most magnificent views of the Chao Phraya River became a home for the homeless, drug addicts, and stray dogs.

Here are 10 creepy but interesting facts about this derelict skyscraper, now known as Bangkok’s “Ghost Tower”.

1. The building’s architect was arrested for allegedly plotting to murder the President of the Supreme Court

Rangsan Torsuwan became involved in this controversial case that dragged on for 15 years. In 2008, Rangsan was found guilty of murdering Praman Chansue, but was acquited later on in 2010.

2. It was 80% complete when construction was halted

The case affected the architect’s ability to secure funds for the building and with the onslaught of the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis, the structure was abandoned and never completed.

3. The building’s set on an ancient burial ground, according to rumors

This actually contributed to the building’s creepiness factor and mysterious allure to tourists.

4. People can now climb the tower for just THB 500

The building’s owner decided to open the tower to tourists for a fee to avoid break-ins. It’s open daily from 2 to 8 pm. It’s 49 floors and you use the stairs so be prepared for a grueling leg workout.

5. A backpacker was found dead inside the building

In 2014, a body of a Swedish backpacker was found hanging from a bathroom on the 43rd floor. A Thai photographer discovered the badly decomposed remains. It was later ruled as a suicide.

6. You risk your life going up this building

Left to rot since 1997, the building is a mess of debris, holes, puddles of stagnant water, electrical wires, broken toilet, construction equipment, and more. Part of the structure are crumbling and falling into the streets below. Bare bulbs provide dull lighting to some areas while some floors are pitch-black.

7. It has become a haven for graffiti artists

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Before going to Bangkok we'd heard that it was just another crazy Asian city and it's best to just leave asap! When we arrived and began exploring however, we found that actually, it's a pretty interesting place 🏙 • The other day we ventured through the urban jungle to an abandoned tower that someone we'd met on our travels had recommended we look up. Sure enough, we weren't disappointed, and after bribing the security guards, we were sweating it up 50 flights of crumbling stairs to the top! 😅 • The panoramic views were breathtaking; definitely worth the risky climb and 500 baht (each) bribe! Bangkok might be chaos, but finding gems like this makes us glad we don't listen to stereotypes 🙉

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An abandoned building is fair game to graffiti artists and you can see a colorful collection of weird and sinister drawings on the walls.

8. The best views of Bangkok are from up here

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| 🎉🌃 Bangkok by the Night 🌉🎉 | Got this shot from the building famously known as the #ghosttower on my second visit there. I had been living in this area for almost all my life and not once had I come to this gem of a place. A #perfect #evening? Start heading to the 49th floor after somehow finding a new way in every time by 5-6. Sprint to the top occasionally stopping to see who's winning the race between you going up and the sun going down, steal a glance of the #city for the #view only gets better as you go higher. Some leg stretching and jumping gets you fairly high and if you're feeling extra #adventurous then going an extra frightening unbuilt 'floor' up by clenching onto the half orphaned steel bars. Popping a drink celebrating your victory over the sun. Dropping your legs freely as you watch the #sunset , boats moving in the busy river, miniature cars and lilliputians running around. The only time traffic is actually good as it lights up the roads more. Oh how perfect. Unfortunately the owner has now decided to completely close it off and go as far as suing people. But hey Bangkok never runs out of places to chill. #bangkok #ghost #thailand #amazingthailand #city #night #nightlife #explore #urbanexploration #lights #instagood #travelblog #travelblogger #love #instagood #tbt #throwback #beautiful #picoftheday #traffic #adventure #travel #bangkokspirit #SiamThai_ig #ig_thailandia

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Why would anyone risk going up this Ghost Tower aside from well, ghost hunting? To check out the breathtaking views of the city, of course. The buildings are all aglow with lights at night and you can see the Chao Phraya River snaking around the silver skyscrapers. The sunset views are pure magic.

Here’s a video of a brave soul exploring the tower:

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