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7 Simple Yet Effective Exercises to Achieve Perfect Legs, Thighs, and Buttocks





Who doesn’t want a perfect leg and a tempting thigh, right? Ah, don’t get me started with a round buttock. There’s no doubt that many – particularly women – want to achieve these. After all, they make you look and feel sexy. Isn’t that right, girls?

So, without further ado, below are 7 simple exercises you need to try. You can thank us later!

#1. Lunges with jump-changing legs.

Simply lunge forward with your left leg, but be sure to hold your back straight while keeping your right knee lower than the left one. Try to jump as high as you can. You can do this with the help of your arms. You can also try to change your legs in the air to start a movement.

#2. Jump crunches.

Bend your knees a little bit and then draw those arms back. Just keep jumping straight up, while you keep lifting your knees as high as you possibly can. Although this requires more effort from your part, the results are quite impressive. You can do these repetitively, with one-minute rest in between.

#3. Leg raise on the side.

This one here is for your outer thigh. Just lie on your right side and prop yourself on your hand. First, your left hand must be firmly placed on the floor, just in front of you. From there, slowly raise your right leg and lower it simultaneously. Be sure to do this without any high or sharp movements. Do this with your other leg.

#4. Leg raise on the side.

For this one, it’s going to do magic on your inner thigh. Lie on your right side and then prop yourself on your hand. After bending your left leg, put it firmly on the floor (same position as above). However, you must keep it still using your left hand. You can then slowly raise and lower the leg, but remember to do it slowly and accordingly. Repeat the same steps with your other leg.

#5. Dumbbell lunges.

This is where your dumbbell will be put to good use. Just keep your back straight with your hands steadily placed along your sides. As you keep being straight, do some reverse lunges with your right leg. Do the same process with your left leg. Try to use 0.5 liter bottle if you don’t have any dumbbells with you.

#6. Sidelong bows with a dumbbell.

First, put your left hand on your waist and hold the dumbbell using your right. Step left and bow down with a straight back. Afterwards, turn your torso in line with your right leg as you perform. Be sure to touch your left ankle with your right hand for more efficiency. The way to do this is to keep your right leg straight while your left one is bent at the knee.

#7. Smooth leg raise from the prone position.

Just simply put yourself on your hands and right knee, but you must stretch your left leg while in the position. Slowly raise the left leg until it reaches the highest peak and then slowly lower it. It’s best to do this slowly, so as not to strain yourself.

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