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7 Couples Recreate Their Old Photographs Together And It’s Just Too SWEET!





Technology has it disadvantages yet we also have something to be grateful about our new and innovative world–ease and speed in communication, online jobs, updated news, various and helpful applications within our grasp making our everyday lives more comfortable and rewarding.

Photographs are priceless treasures we owe a lot to technology. These are captured moments we want to last and share to people. Every photo tells a different story, of love, friendship and other significant events which these seven couples chose to recreate.

Using a digital photo album app called Polariod Blipfoto, most of their photos were taken during weddings from years ago, others from early dating days.  The photos are highlighted with some of them wearing the same wedding dress, suit or sweater during their recent photos looking too romantic, sweet and definitely “throwback worthy.” Valentine’s Day is over but we can’t help but feel sentimental seeing each lovely photo and captions written with love that speak so much about happiness.

Take a look at these photos and fall in love:


Photo credit: polaroidblipfoto

“We knew within weeks of meeting we would marry and I have never once regretted it. It hasn’t all been plain sailing but the tough times have only made me appreciate this wonderful man I call my husband even more.” – SarahK


Photo credit: polaroidblipfoto

“The dress is size 10: I am size 12. The dress is 38 years old: I am 63. The dress has done in its life, a days work: I have had three changes of career and raised two wonderful girls. No wonder the dress still looks good!” – clickychick


Photo credit: polaroidblipfoto

“It is still a source of amazement that, although we were both very young when we married, and knew practically nothing, we thought we knew everything we needed to know. Perhaps we did. What we were both certain about was that it would all work out. And I think it is safe to say that it has.” – Wildwood


Photo credit: polaroidblipfoto

“Here we are, almost 44 years after our wedding. To my amazement, the wedding dress still fits . . . well, I was able to squish into it.” – Anneli


Photo credit: polaroidblipfoto

“I am wearing the same jacket, which mysteriously did not do up, and the same earrings – woo hoo, something still fits!” –Kagsy65


Photo credit: polaroidblipfoto

“She’s still finding out who I am. It would be boring to have all the information from the start.” – SaraEvans


Photo credit: polaroidblipfoto

“Glyn has just recently retired and we are starting our lives together all over again, he is still full of wit, full of fun and full of love for me and our family, we enjoy everyday we have together . . . If I knew then what a know now’? I wouldn’t change a thing !!!” – MollyMay49

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