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6 Strange Historical Objects that Remain Unsolved up to Now





The thing with history is that it spans thousands of years and people from our time will never really know the exact things that have happened in the past. Historians can only piece together a story based on the data and facts gathered. Artifacts excavated by archaeologists can only confuse us all the more because of questions brought up.

In fact, there have been so many diggings which have made these researches much more interesting and fun. Several historical objects have been unearthed that historians have yet to explain what these were even made for:

1. Giant stone spheres of Costa Rica

The perfectly shaped spherical stone formations were discovered back in the 1930s when workers were clearing a banana plantation. Legends had it that these spheres had vast amounts of gold hidden inside them. After a few had been blown up by dynamite, it was found empty. To this day, no one knows who made the spheres and what their real purpose is for.

2. Baghdad Battery

Source: Kizaz

The Mesopotamians may have already had the concept for the battery. In the 1930s, a 13-inch centimeter jar with a protruding iron rod from the mouth was uncovered near Baghdad. There was also a copper cylinder found inside the structure and another iron rod. It is said to be the nearest there is to what we have now as our batteries.

Experts have concluded that the Baghdad Battery can produce one electric volt. What remains a mystery is how this development was forgotten and never found in nearby regions.

3. Voynich Manuscript

Source: Julia World

Considered by experts as the most mysterious book in the whole world, the Voynich Manuscript is written in an undecipherable language and full of strange illustrations and symbols. Its author is unknown and the alphabet used has nothing in common with the ones that were also discovered or any other writing system in the planet. To this date, the manuscript has yet to be decoded for its secrets.

4. Incan Golden Figurines

Source: Occpaleo

Just by looking at this artifact discovered in South America, one is reminded of a rough concept of flying machines in the olden days. German model aircraft constructors Peter Belting and Algund Eeboom created bigger versions of the gold animal figurine and even equipped it with engines and radio systems. How these artifacts came to life and what could have served as its inspiration is still unknown.

5. Genetic Disc

Made from a very strong material which no one to this day could understand how to produce and how it even came to its existence. According to experts, the disc would have been impossible for ancient society to use so the reason for it being created is also a mystery.

6. Antikythera Mechanism

The controversial Antikythera Mechanism is considered to be the oldest computing mechanism in the world. Historians have determined that the artifact was used to show the movements of the planets and even the position of the sun and the moon. The design of the mechanism has paved the way for the current ones that we have now says experts.

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