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5 Reasons Why You Should Stop Eating Sushi Rolls





To say that you don’t order sushi rolls from a Japanese restaurant is close to impossible. Rolls are staple orders when eating out apart from the ramen and sushi.

The thing is, when you order your sushi rolls from an Americanized Japanese restaurant, chances are you’re not getting the perfect sushi roll you are actually paying for. Here’s why:

You don’t really get to taste the fish.

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It’s really simple. The fish is mixed with a caboodle of other ingredients that don’t allow you to actually enjoy the fact that a sushi roll actually has fish in it. It’s like eating prime steak with a coating of mayonnaise, cream cheese or spicy sauce.

The fish cut isn’t good enough.

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A master sushi chef will never scrimp on their ingredients, but the fact of the matter is, the best cuts of fish are saved for sashimi slices and nigiri (slice of fish that’s on top of rice). The ones in the sushi rolls are well, not exactly good enough. It makes perfect sense now that you think of it, because of the other ingredients found in an Americanized sushi roll.

Rolls aren’t as authentic as a slice of sashimi or nigiri.

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When it really comes down to eating the authentic Japanese food, a sushi roll just doesn’t make the cut. That’s not to say you won’t see sushi rolls in Japan, but the thing is sashimi and nigiri would always taste better and feel more authentic when compared to your rolls.

Americanized sushi rolls are not good for your health.

Since when did mixing mayonnaise, cream cheese, caviar and rice together, become healthy? Made you scratch your head for awhile, right?

The lack of texture is evident


A real sushi roll that’s prepared by a master sushi chef ensures that the diner gets to experience the fleshy meat of the fish with the softness of the rice and the crunchiness of the seaweed. But when you start mixing in other ingredients such as fake crab or a dollop of rich sauce, say goodbye to texture.

If you want to experience authentic Japanese cuisine, we recommend that you start weaning yourself of from the usual Americanized sushi roll and start getting into the basics of sashimi. Do let us know when you’ve found your new favourite.

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