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5 Negative Health Effects Produced by Your Microwave Oven





QUICK! Name an equipment found in your kitchen. Of course, there has got to be a fridge, a stove, a kettle perhaps? A microwave oven… definitely. Basically, almost 90% of modern households especially in urban areas have microwave ovens. This compact tabletop machine has been very useful in our daily lives and food consumption. From defrosting food, heating it up or completely cooking dishes out of it, the microwave sure can do it. But have you ever thought if microwave ovens are completely safe? Turns out, we might be overlooking the health risks it produces for its practicality.

A bit of history…

Did you know that the original purpose of microwave ovens is for war? During the onset of World War II, British researchers developed what they called the Radar Range, a complex machine coupling radars and microwaves to detect and locate Nazi airplanes and then taking them out by bombing. The discovery that microwaves can cook food was purely accidental. Microwaves were found to have the ability to cook food when one researcher discovered that standing within a few feet of the massive microwave generator melted the candy bar on his pocket. And thus, smaller versions of the technology came to life, giving rise to the microwave oven that we knew of today.

Presenting…Percy Le Baron Spencer, the researcher with the melted candy bar, and Father of the Microwave Oven

Presenting...Percy Le Baron Spencer, the researcher with the melted candy bar, and Father of the Microwave Oven

Now, how does it affect us?

Microwaves work by emitting radio waves that heats up the molecules in our food causing agitation and further spreading of the energy or heat throughout the food. That is also why when you put foods with high protein content or water, you hear those popping noises. Those are the molecules being overheated and zapped with radiation. Since the human body is as susceptible, we are in danger of burns and tissue damage when exposed to the microwave radiation. That is why periodically checking that the seals and door of your equipment retain or holds in the radiation effectively is a must.

  1. Lower Immunity, Higher Risk of Infections and Illnesses

    Since the waves emitted by the machine is so powerful, it is able to denature the nutrients and destroy the proteins in food. In one research, breastmilk which is rich in protein antibodies and nutrients was microwaved and 96% of the good stuff in milk was gone. The same thing happens to other microwaved food, what we end up with are nutritionless calories only, resulting to lower immunity and susceptibility to infections.

  2. Insomnia, Migraine, Cataracts

    The body, when exposed to constant high levels of radiation, experiences these symptoms. According to Professor Chad Mueller of Southern College Alabama,

    “The radiation is harmful mostly to the parts of the body that cannot conduct the heat away very effectively—the eyes especially. I think that heat transfer could explain why one sometimes hears about people (fast-food workers, for instance) getting headaches when exposed to leaking microwave ovens.”

  3. Birth Defects

    And if the adult human body is susceptible to the harmful effects, what more for developing babies right? Radiation exposure for pregnant women can cause malformations, neurological defects and even still birth or death of the baby.

  4. Cancer

    There are instances of food getting burned in the microwave oven and turns them to charred pieces of carcinogens. But the harm is not only coming from our food. Some of the containers we use when we heat up our food, especially those that contain the compound BSP or Bisphenol becomes toxic substances that leachate or leak out into our food. This compounds are ingested inside the body and are also highly carcinogenic.

Is there a way to decrease potential risks?

Now all these seem so scary, but can we do something about it? For those who can do away with the microwave oven, that will actually be for the best. But if this machine has been quite indispensable to your household and your lifestyle, practicing safety when using your microwave can decrease the potential harm. Remember these things:

  1. Minimize Usage

    Defrosting that chicken or meat may be easier with the microwave yes, but if you can take it out the fridge earlier and use natural defrosting then better. Need to reheat that food? Why not reheat it in the stove instead?

  2. Never ever open the microwave while it is still running

    As reiterated it is the irradiation by the oven that is harmful. Even if most microwave ovens have that safety feature wherein upon opening the door, it will stop working, or it cannot be opened until it has stopped, safety is still best. Imagine it will be like blasting your face and body with a concentrated punch of microwave irradiation if you do so!

  3. Stand several feet away or completely steer clear of the machine while it is running

    As much as possible distance yourself from the machine when it is running. This way, you can minimize your exposure to the radiation.

  4. Use containers that won’t degrade from irradiation

    As mentioned, degradation of compounds in “microwave oven-safe” or microwaveable containers can lead to cancer. Thus, using containers that are least likely to degrade is best. Your safest bet are dishes or bowls made of ceramic.

So there you have it. While the microwave oven really is an undeniable machine that has made our lives easier, there is still potential harm and risks to using it. And as always, prevention is always safer than cure. We hope you found this article informative for you and your loved one’s health too. Don’t forget to share this and inform others.

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Source:, Improve Your Health Right Now (blog), SCITECH