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5 Myths That Can Destroy Your Marriage





Relationships are a complicated thing. Society’s ground rules and expectations surrounding relationships number in the hundreds, and sometimes it confuses people.

Which ones work, which ones don’t?

Marriage, in particular, comes with a lot of myths and expectations. Most couples believe a lot of those myths to be true. Debunking these myths can help married couples stay true to each other.

Here are five myths that can destroy a happy union:

#1. A couple should stay the same as the day they married.

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Many married couples assume their partner should remain the same day in and day out, forever. This isn’t true of individuals at all. People change through time, either for better or for worse. Likes and dislikes, goals and aspirations, and even personalities and beliefs are subject to change through the years. In learning to grow with this change, each person in the marriage will come out the better, and with a stronger union to boot.

#2. A person in a marriage is expected to change for the better.

Just as couples expect one another not to change, they also expect their other half to improve after marriage. These expectation often fail, leading to disappointment, disillusionment, and eventually divorce.

#3. Couples expect their partner to be attracted only to them.

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People, even when they are married, at some point in time find themselves attracted to somebody else. So expecting one’s partner to only fantasize about the other is unrealistic. However, opening lines of communication in this regard, and having honest conversations about attractions will lead to better connection and intimacy with one another. This eventually leads to trust, which is a very important part of any marriage.

#4. Complete honesty may lead to rejection.

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Some couples refrain from being completely honest with their partner, either for fear of hurting them or ruining their relationship. On the contrary, holding back robs one another of a dynamic discussion that fosters change and growth in the marriage. Difficult conversations can only bring couples closer to one another.

#5. The sex will improve.

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Unlike the popular myth which says “the sex will get better,” oftentimes married couples may be dismayed to discover the opposite. When relationships become comfortable, passion can take a nose-dive. A married couple’s sex life also takes a downturn for many reasons, like children, work stress, age, and other factors. However, being honest with each others needs and feelings can help manage this ebb and flow in marriage sexuality.

Married couples need to recognize these myths for what they are, and roll with the changes that occur in a marriage. Acting accordingly will open the path to a flexible and successful union for a happy couple.

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