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5 Helpful Tips To Protect Your Car From Thieves

Besides an alarm, that is…

Dondi Tiples





The very first thing that every unfortunate car owner whose vehicle has been stolen learns is that car alarms don’t stop the most determined of thieves.

These days, car alarms are little more than noise makers in the face of increasingly sophisticated car theft techniques. Vehicle thieves keep coming up with ways and means to lift cars without getting caught.

Auto theft is a lucrative crime.


Here are 5 helpful ways to prevent the theft of your vehicle, besides using an alarm:

#1. Immobilizer


Source: Shutterpix

Thankfully, newer car models already have this built-in feature. Immobilizers are electronic devices that prevent the engine from running when thieves try to hot wire or jump start a car without using the key.

#2. Automatic/Speed Sensing Door Locks


Some cars get stolen while their owners are still in it. It happens at traffic stops or while parking a vehicle. An automatic/speed sensing door lock is an electronic system that prevents this from happening. It automatically locks the car doors when the vehicle reaches a certain speed from a standstill.

#3. Pedal Lock


Source: Auto Deal

Old school believers will find a pedal lock useful to deter car thieves. This oldie but goodie mechanical device hooks onto the steering wheel and locks one of the vehicle’s pedals, which prevents carnappers from moving the vehicle from the outside.

#4. GPS Tracker


Source: Locanto

In the unlikely event the vehicle does get stolen, a GPS tracker can help authorities track the stolen car. Every vigilant car owner should have a GPS system installed if they’re looking to recover their vehicle faster after a theft.

#5. Dashcam


A dashcam doesn’t seem a likely deterrent for thieves, but its video capabilities enable footage capture that can be used as evidence. The dashcam’s record will also capture scenery from the outside to pinpoint the direction the thieves took the stolen car, thus helping authorities follow the lead to recover it.

While these five security features offer helpful tips, vehicle owners should also practice vigilance to keep thieves from lifting their vehicles. This means not parking their cars in dimly lit places, not leaving valuables inside, and to always be alert to the surroundings before leaving their car.

H/T: Auto Deal


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