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5 Forgotten People Who Survived In Unexpected Places


What would you do if you found yourself lost in a completely new place where nobody spoke your language? For some people, they decided to make a new home for themselves in unfamiliar territory. Although they have long been forgotten, their descendants continue to thrive in their new homes.

There are several cases where a group of people are sent to a new place or get lost in unfamiliar surroundings. While some eventually find their way home, others decide to settle down in the new location and bring their culture with them. Here are five forgotten people who survived and thrived in unexpected places.

#1. The Chinese Soldiers Who Founded Their Own Thai Villages

In 1949, China’s 93rd Division fled for Myanmar (then Burma) when the communists won. After fighting the Burmese government, they ended up in Northern Thailand and assisted the government in the fight against communists.

The soldiers were eventually gifted citizenship in the 1980s but they had already established over 60 villages in the country by then. Today, the villages are a tourist attraction for people who want to experience Chinese culture.

#2. The Lost Roman Soldiers Of China

The remote county of Liqian is known in China for its residents with blonde hair and blue eyes. Not surprisingly, there are legends suggesting that these people are actually the descendants of Roman soldiers who were once captured by the Parthians.

It is important to point out that a recent genetic study found that 56 percent of the villagers’ DNA is Caucasian. However, it was not confirmed whether they truly are descendants of the lost Roman soldiers.

#3. The Chinese Sailors Who Were Shipwrecked In Kenya

Chinese explorer Zheng He decided to sail to Africa in the 15th century to spread Chinese culture. Unfortunately, his ships sank in Kenya with only about 20 sailors making it to shore.

The locals were initially wary of the survivors but they were ultimately permitted to stay after slaying a python. The sailors settled down in Kenya and one of their descendants was recently granted a Chinese scholarship to study in her ancestor’s country.

#4. The Polish Deserters Of Haiti

There was once a time when several Polish mercenaries ended up fighting for Napoleonic France and found themselves having to fight slaves in Haiti. It didn’t take long before the mercenaries decided to desert France and fight for Haiti instead.

When the war was finally over, the Poles decided to settle down in Haiti where their descendants can still be found in the town of Cazales.

#5. The Macedonian Tribe In Pakistan

Like the residents of China’s Liqian, the Kalash people of Pakistan are distinct for their blue or green eyes and light hair. However, the Kalash seems to know exactly who their ancestors are. They claim to be the descendants of Alexander the Great’s Macedonian army.

There is a lot of evidence confirming the claims. The Kalash worship ancient Greek gods and are known for making wine.

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