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Man Shows How He Got Rid of 4,000 Mosquitoes Each Night With A Fan And Window Screen

Goodbye mosquitoes!

Angela Beltran





It’s rainy season again in some parts of the world and so this only means one thing – those pesky disease-carrying mosquitoes are at it again! Aside from insecticides and other means to get rid of them, a YouTube user named Dan Rojas devised a new way to kill these mosquitoes in your home by just using three items – a fan, a window screen, and rubbing alcohol.

The DIY mosquito killer has killed about 4,000 mosquitoes each night and he used his pit bull, Rocky, as bait.

Here's how to kill thousands of mosquitoes overnight.

In a video posted on his YouTube channel, GreenPowerScience, he unveiled a brilliant way to trap thousands of mosquitoes each night and it’s easy-to-make and affordable.

All you need is an industrial fan, a mesh, magnets and rubbing alcohol.

The things you’ll need:
  1. High-powered industrial fan
  2. Mesh screen
  3. Rare earth magnets
  4. Rubbing alcohol mixed with water
  5. A bait

Rojas’s plan revolves around the idea that mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide. So, you’ll need a bait – a dog, pig, pigeons or any animal that exhales carbon dioxide.

The bait: Rocky (Don't worry he never gets bitten)

The fans trap the mosquitoes and in order for other insects and other items such as leaves not to get trapped, a mesh screen is installed across the fan. The screen is attached to the fan by rare-earth magnets, which are strong and can’t become loose even with the fan’s power.

When the mosquitoes get trapped in the mesh, Rojas sprayed a rubbing alcohol solution to kill them. When it evaporates and the mosquitoes dry out, lizards and ants dispose of the bodies.

Use rubbing alcohol to kill the mosquitoes.

If you do not have animals or dogs to use as bait, you can use a slightly opened seltzer will also work. The carbon dioxide from the bottle will attract the mosquitoes.

Look at those mosquitoes!

For people living in countries with mosquito problems, this could help kill them and prevent the spread of mosquito-borne diseases such as the Zika virus, the potentially-fatal Dengue fever, and Chikungunya virus.

Here’s how to make this mosquito killer:

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Will you try this and get rid of those pesky mosquitoes? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Mark Andrew



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