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36 Before And After Photos That Prove Weight Is Just A Number

#11 looks unbelievable!






We always believe that the easiest way to know if we gained or lost weight is through the scale. Our logic is quite simple: when you gained weight that means you’re fat, and when you lost weight that means you’re slimmer.

However, it’s not always the case. You don’t have to be a slave of your scale because weight is just a number. Here are 20 before and after photos that prove your weight is meaningless.

1. You don’t have to lose a hundred pounds to see the difference.

2. “Screw the scale, it legitimately means nothing. It has never reflected my healthiness or fitness at all.”

3. Less fat, more muscle.

4. The confidence says it all. I didn’t even notice the listed weight.

5. Do what works for your body. Weight loss trends are not for everyone.

6. Weight gain never looked this good.

7. Heavier but fitter. No complaints here.

8. We should stop giving the scale too much power over us.

9. Pictures are more reliable than scales.

10. “My body composition is completely different though I weight eight pounds more now.”

11. Same weight, new body.

12. Wanting to have a healthier lifestyle will always be the best option.

13. Rules schmules.

14. Stronger and happier. Isn’t that what we all wanted?

15. “I started to care less about what I weighed, and more about how I felt.”

16. Not heavier, not lighter, but much happier.

17. Time to throw the scale.

18. Weight is just a number.

19. Confidence is sexy.

20. Your weight doesn’t matter.

These inspiring before and after photos are reminding us that sometimes losing two pounds is enough to see the results. And most of the time, gaining weight merely means gaining muscles.

Just as long as you have been consistent with your workout and healthy eating, then you’ll be on your way in achieving the best version of yourself. Always remember that weight is not a good measurement of progress.

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