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35 Hilarious Doormats That’ll Give Your Guests a Good Laugh

You’re definitely gonna want one of these in your home.






Most people will agree that doormats don’t need to be special. They’re simply there to be used for wiping our feet on anyway. Interestingly, some would like to think otherwise. To them, it serves a whole new purpose considering it’s the first thing a visitor sees when he/she enters the house.

In today’s list, we’ll take a look at some of the most interesting doormats. Not only are they creative, they’re also quite hilarious. This compilation will certainly make you think twice about doormats.

Well, without further ado, here they are!

#1. Just do it.

#2. There are two sides to every… doormat

Source: suchh
#3. “Enough social interaction.”

Source: madeofowls
#4. Yup, this one’s telling the truth.

#5. Google Maps is that you?

Source: roseemiami
#6. And you’re name is?

Source: doxpin
#7. Keyword: thee.

#8. The good stuff is in…

#9. You may come in.

#10. This one deserves a trophy!

Source: imgur
#11. When you’ve watched too much Game of Thrones.

#12. You’ve been warned.

#13. First, tell me your weight.

Source: BoredPanda
#14. For the nth time…

Source: jurkjesmama
#15. If you’re a math teach, you know you want this.

#16. Yo, Dawg, don’t forget to…

#17. This one is flirtatious.

Source: BoredPanda
#18. Careful. You might just unleashed the twin dragons.

Source: shop_josieb
#19. True. So true.

Source: cameokate
#20. Why, you beautiful doormat, you.

Source: shop_josieb
#21. If you don’t have it without you, no need to enter.

#22. As a hardcore Star Wars fan, I need this.

#23. And we’re happy!

#24. This I need.

Source: ron_marshall
#25. Clearly not a fan a Android.

Source: Meninos
#26. Make sure it tastes gold.

Source: shop_josieb
#27. “Sniff”

Source: the_marshall
#28. Yup, that’s a doormat right there.

#29. Because F*** Y**!

Source: Colsprint
#30. If you have allergies or something, this ain’t for you.

#31. Want to listen to some good music first?

#32. You’re welcome!

#33. One of the cutest entries in this list.

Source: mllesvenskah
#34. Go. Run. Skedaddle.

Source: dailytattwo

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