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23 Micro Cameras Hidden In The Most Unexpected Places





Imagine how you would feel if you suddenly discover a spy camera in your hotel or Airbnb room? You’d feel disturbed for sure, right? Privacy is always a sensitive topic and it’s truly scary knowing some people are intentionally violating others’ rights to it.

As you can see in the photos below, yes, it’s a scary world out there as today’s technology has made it possible to install little cameras in te most unexpected of places. Fortunately, the intended victims discovered the spy devices.

Check out these pictures and see or yourself:

#1. “My worst nightmare.”
#2. A camera in a screw head? This is pretty creepy!
#3. It may look like a simple framed picture but if you look closer…
#4. Meanwhile, someone found a suspicious single “motion detector” in his Airbnb and learned it’s an IP camera connected online.

He promptly reported the discovery, left at 3AM and got a refund.

#5. Husband discovers their Airbnb is livestreaming them through a hidden camera.

According to the family:

“We just found a camera hidden in a smoke alarm case in the private living room of a listing. We were travelling with children. The host admitted to the concealed camera over the phone, only after presented with our irrefutable proof.”

#6. In a Russian shopping mall bathroom, this ‘air freshener’ had a camera.
#7. Found at the women’s bathroom plugged across a toilet. A camera that poses as a USB charger.
#8. This couple finds a hidden camera in a clock at their apartment.
#9. Another screw head cam. These can be hard to spot!
#10. Not a simple smoke detector. It also has a small camera.
#11. Another clock camera. Watch out for these!
#12. Just a pen holder? Nope! The green sticker has a little camera that’s really hard to notice at first.
#13. Found in a hospital ceiling.
#14. Not your typical notebook, for sure.
#15. Water bottle hidden camera
#16. Another secret camera in an Airbnb room.
#17. An electric socket with a micro camera
#18. Yes, the coffee lid also has a camera.
#19. WiFi shampoo hidden spy camera

How is that even possible, you ask? Go Google it up. You’d be surprised that these products are available for sale.

#20. This non-functioning smoke detector has a hidden night vision HD camera.
#21. A sneaky USB flash drive.
#22. Not an ordinary wall clock.
#23. Outlet Hidden Camera
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